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best softCompare the best software and popular apps with Softexaminer, the Internet’s leading software comparison site. We cut through all the noise, helping you to make a rapid-fire, informed decision based on expert and professional advice. We also offer software tips that help you get more bang for your buck.

Who We Are

Softexaminer is the world’s top software tips, comparison and review platform. We bring together thousands of software reviews so that our visitors are able to make better purchasing decisions than ever before. By bringing together collective, expert and professional opinion, we allow our visitors the chance to turn everyday choices into their best ever choices.

  • software comparisonSoftexaminer is a trusted community made up of real users who have access to and engage with the latest and most popular apps and brand new software.
  • Using our website, buyers are able to quickly and easily find the product that is right for you, based on thousands of software reviews that are in-depth and cover all the bases.
  • You can compare the pros and cons of each product and popular app, making the decision of how to choose software easier than ever before.
  • You can discover the key trends and products for 2016 that everyone who is anyone is using to grow their business or make their life more efficient or fun.

Some Popular Apps And Software We Cover:

Web Browsers

software tipsNot all web browsers were created equal. If you own a small business and need a web browser to help you get the best out of your team but are not sure how to choose the best software, you can:

  • Compare the pros and cons of the highest-rated web brewers, from Mozilla Firefox to Safari – and everything in between
  • Identify the web browser that suits your needs and is compatible with your browsing experiences


how to choose softwareOnline telephone services connect you with clients, team-members, friends and family all around the world. But which one suits your needs right now?

  • Quickly find the right online telephone service that is right for you
  • Easily comb through the pros and cons of the best online telephone services, from Skype to Fring

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is still as popular as it ever was. But not all IM services support everything you need.

  • Find the instant messaging service that fulfils your needs
  • Get the lowdown on the best software, from Pidgin to Adium
  • Compare the pros and cons and easily find out what what our experts are saying about the best and worse instant messaging services on the Internet

Window Viruses And Spyware

popular appsOnline and offline security has never been more in-demand. Choosing the one that is right for you is downright essential.

  • Find out what is free, what works and what costs
  • Compare the most powerful spyware apps with the least effective
  • Get clued-up on the pros and cons of all spyware apps


Invoicing is like taxes: We all have to do it even though we’d rather not. But what invoice services are the best soft of their kind, and which ones slow you down?

  • Discover which invoicing tools work best for you
  • Software comparison of how free invoicing services measure up against premium services

Peer-to-Peer Filesharing

software reviewsIf you run a small business, sharing files and documents with your clients and staff is part and parcel of the everyday.

  • Find out which peer-to-peer filesharing software enhances your business, and which ones slow you down
  • Compare Cabos to Miro – and everything in-between

Video Playback

When a video won’t playback on your computer for whatever reason, it always feels like this is the worst day ever.

  • Easily sift through expert software reviews on which video playback apps work with more files than any other
  • Make an informed decision that allows you to play any video from now on without any hassle
  • Compare the pros and cons of all the big video playback apps, from VLC Player to MPlayer

best softwareSoftexaminer makes your buying life a whole lot easier by helping you cut the corners so that are able to make a fast, snappy decision that is also the right decision.

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