A List of Free Appointment Scheduling Software for Any Business

It is necessary to know about free appointment scheduling software because it allows you to have ideas how it helps you to streamline process when it comes to scheduling meetings with colleagues and clients.

Free Appointment Software List

  1. Acuity Scheduling: This is a free appointment software that is perfect for online booking, customization, website integration, unlimited appointments and unlimited clients. The software is offering a free version for single user but it doesn’t include personalized booking site as well as to accept credit cards.
Acuity Scheduling
  1. AppointmentPlugIn: This is an appointment scheduling software free with customizations available, website integration, email formations and have a free version but it is only limited for twenty appointments everyday as well as advertising email confirmations.


  1. Create Appointments: It is also an appointment software free with email confirmations, online booking and allows user to create accounts for their customers. It has a free version with add ons but it does not include any customization.



Create Appointments


  1. Genbook: This is a free online appointment booking system with book website button, unlimited staff members, personalized website and unlimited services. Get the chance to experience what it offers.


  1. MemoTXT Scheduler: This a free downloadable software that keeps contact information of client, with search functionality, allows you to send appointment reminders and much more. This software is available to Microsoft platforms.


MemoTXT Scheduler


  1. Pimero Free Edition: Just like MemoTXT, it is also a downloadable software for free. It includes task list, contact manager and appointments. Some of its features include outlook import, automatic encrypts and it can be synchronized with multiple PCs.
Pimero Free Edition


  1. SuperSaaS: It is a free appointment online booking software with customization options, customer management, website integration and email integration.




  1. FreshBook: It has a free trial version that is available. When it comes to package, it includes a tutorial video and it supports iPhones allowing you to receive text notification for new appointments. The software has been reviewed by Mashable and TechCrunch.
  1. Calendar Fly: This software is completely free and it’s perfect for groups who are in need to scheduling meetings for clients. On the other hand, it also has an advanced features and when you like to have it, you need to pay some amount.

10. ClickBook: For basic account, the software is free to use. It has additional functions with extra cost. It also has a helpful blog but users must need to register.

click book

11. Jiffle: This appointment scheduling is a free software for individual users. The good thing is that it offers basic scheduling capabilities with integrated Google calendar. For appointments, time slots must need to be shared with your contacts.

jiffle now
  1. Latiss: It is a free software with basic scheduling options like keeping reminders and calendar. It has a premium version with lots of features. The good news is that it’s compatible with iPhone.
  1. SimplifyThis: This scheduling software is offering a free trial and it can be synchs with calendar on Google as well as offering billing capabilities. The software includes a helpful blog.
  1. ScheduleView: It offers a free demo and the scheduling functionality of it is nice.
  1. TimeTrade: Numerous versions of this application includes a free trial. The appointment is integrated with Outlook and Google calendar. Also, it integrates with Sales Force.


  1. Tungle.me: This scheduling appointment software is offering premium accounts and basic account with great functionality. This application integrates a huge suite for calendar and offers a wonderful mobile functionality. Just like other systems, it has a helpful blog.
  1. Doodle: It is a free appointment scheduling system allowing user to schedule meetings and it can be accessed without the need for registration. What you only need to do is to visit the homepage and set up needed things.
  1. ScheduleOnce: It is an appointment scheduler and online meeting software to help in scheduling you for any events like group meetings and customer appointments. By using the tool, you can able to find the perfect time when it comes to a group meeting, offer numerous meetings, accept appointments, activities, services and resources.
  1. TimeCenter: It is an easy to use appointment scheduler on the Internet that helps you in sending booking reminders automatically through text message and email. With it, you will never miss any appointments. It is easy to integrate with features such as journal, time center page, appointment scheduling, customer database, manage appointments, security and customizable logo.
  1. DocMeIn: This is a great free appointment scheduling software for hospitals and healthcare in managing online patient appointments. It is an online service that is why you do not need to install any tools and with features which include color coded, no monthly fees, no set up, appointment reminders, recurring appointments, advanced message, calendar integration, patient self service, flexible business hours and much more.
  1. ScheduleThing: It is simple to use with online reservation as well as an appointment scheduling tool for any business.
  1. YaRooms: It is a meeting scheduling system and conference room in organizing meetings with smart search, occupation preview, drop user interface and others.
  1. Book’d: It is an appointment scheduling software on the web in creating your own site for booking. It is perfect for people that manage their personal trainers, consultants and tutors.
  1. SimplyBook.me: It is an scheduling system for all service providers. It has friendly interface in managing book recurring appointments and managing appointments.
  1. NeedtoMeet: It helps you in scheduling meeting and easy to use interface.
  1. SalonMonster: It was designed for spa or salon related business.
  1. Simply Appointments: It allows your customers in booking appointment so easily.
Simply Appointments
  1. Coconut Calendar: It is a simple scheduling appointment software for business and allows staff in managing appointments.
Coconut Calendar
  1. DoReserve: It has friendly user interface, SMS reminder login platform such as Open ID, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.
  1. Schedule View: It is a medical scheduling tool that saves your time in tracking patient, customers and clients.
Schedule View

These are the tools that can help you with your business so don’t miss the opportunity to choose one of them!