Accupos Review


There are many PoS companies out there that promise to give you the best solution that you need for your business, but not all can do what they have said. If you are looking for an effective software PoS, you can try Accupos.

Information about the Company: Accupos Review

Accupos is a company that gives an a-la-carte and all in one solution for restaurants, grocers and retailers. The PoS equipment bundles include a high quality touch screen PC, easy to use system and thermal printers. It is one of the companies that have the ability in managing complex tasks that some grocers need like multiline barcode scanning, charge by weight options and others.

Tools, Features and Description of Accupos

If you are looking for a way in updating your PoS terminal or opening a business, the Accupos system is what you need. If you want to use the hardware of your PoS, then what you only need to purchase is the software. The good thing is that you get complete package.

When it comes to restaurant bundles, it includes kitchen printing, counter service, kitchen bump bar and frozen yogurt packages. The best that you like with the company is that it offers 3rd party financing that is helpful for business having minimal funds. Apart from this, if you use the software, you have the chance in processing all payments. By using Android app as well as card reader, you staff can process the payments. The good thing is that mobile processing is available for processing payments like street fair or farmer’s market.

Also, the system gives a technology in accepting payments from patron’s mobile phone. Accupos gives you the chance you choose your own payment processor. When it comes to the full system, it comes with card reader, touch screen PC, receipt printer and cash drawer. The PoS bundles include the barcode scanners. For retail entry version, it includes one- liner barcode scanner, while for other version deluxe includes omnidirectional scanner and then its grocery package has in-counter omnidirectional scanner of 52 lines.

All the software versions of the system are compatible with the accounting software. The company is offering basic through elite versions with good discounts for many stations. The software also offers solo versions. The system give a broad range of capabilities like splitting checks, gift card processing as well as processing EBTs. All the versions have tools for restoring strategies and making data backup.

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Pros and Cons of Accupos


  • Easy to use
  • Give minimal training to staff
  • 24 hours support
  • Android system is powerful
  • Line item integration
  • Quality all in one solutions


  • Do not have iOS payment processing option

When to Use Accupos

You can use the software if you desire integration with accounting software. Accupos software demonstrates Android compatibility and it is technologically progressive that can be use by anyone.

You do not need to worry if you use Accupos system because it is one of the best options you can have online. It will be your help to grow your business to the fullest.

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