Activeconversion Review


If you want to know what your buyers are looking for and make sure that you attract more customers, and then what you need to do is to seek for sales automation software that will help you with marketing so that you close more deals. You can choose Activeconversion and here is an overview.

Information about the Company

Activeconversion is a leading marketing and industrial sales system in North America. They are helping companies in expanding into new markets with the combination of their unique services and software that helps their customers to generate, convert and manage sales opportunities.

Tools, Features and Description of Activeconverion Sales Conversion

With the experience of the company working with B2B, it helps them to act and think like customers. They are working with customer to give them prospects that surely contact them.

They are leader in lead management, demand generation and lead nurturing for companies having less 1000 employees. They make sure to see which marketing initiatives are paying off an ensure to introduce the sales ready leads. The software gives tool in helping marketers to manage their sales. The software gives you the chance to do more marketing because you will be given with some resources and cut your cost. The system helps more than 150 companies to make marketing decisions and intelligent sales every day. The service being offered is delivered through low cost with monthly subscription.

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  • Meet new leads: The software will introduce their users to their interested visitors. It uncover more leads.
  • Know who to call: Get scheduled reports of your qualified leads and keep your sales team informed about active prospects in your site. With it, you can eliminate cold calls and accelerate your sales cycle.
  • Marketing campaign: Print ads, broadcast media and online marketing direct visitors to site. The software provides convenient and precise insight to have effective marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing: The software make sure users will qualify individual prospects.
  • Marketing intelligence: It can be your dashboard in getting up to date and vital data on ROI.


  • Never lose potential leads
  • Get more inquiries from prospects
  • Turn site into sales tools
  • Increase ease of site navigation

Pros and Cons of Activeconversion


  • Conversion paths
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Site design
  • Conversion obstacles and goals


  • There is no negative review

When to Use Activeconversion

If you want to identify your leads and want to know where you should focus, then you need to use Activeconversion. If you want to easily engage with your targets and develop new opportunities for your business, you can use the software. The software will be your help to market your services or products.

Many marketing automation systems can be found online and you are not sure if it’s working superbly or not. If you want to make sure that you will rely on the best system that will help you in getting the right prospects and increase your leads, you can check Activeconversion. It is a good choice for your business.

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