Agile CRM Review


CRM is one of the popular tools around the world that you can choose for your company. If you want a free package that offered by the best CRM tool and contact management software, you can try CRM Agile. This review will help you to decide, whether to choose it or not.

Information about the Company: Agile CRM Review

Agile was founded in the year 2013 and they have headquarters in India. The software of the company is free for two users and they are also offering plans that are designed for medium, small and large businesses. When it comes to their site, it is well designed, attractive and simple. Signing up with them is so easy.

Tools, Features and Description of Agile CRM

Agile CRM has customer relationship management that is ideal for eCommerce with marketing and dedicated sales features. With it, you will know you customers, automate communications, log contact data as well as schedule appointment. Users can also optimize workflow and track subsequent deals.

If you want to target new leads having full integration together with marketing support for social campaigns, SMS texts and sending email, Agile CRM is a good choice. It automates a web engagement with pop-ups, surveys, signup forms offers and customer-conscious messages. The CRM is supported by reporting and rich analytics features in monitoring the performance of business from sales force and customer base. Agile CRM is a magnificent CRM solution for small up to medium sized businesses.


  • Run social network, phone marketing and email campaigns in one application
  • Build automated email as well as social campaigns in your flow chart
  • See what visitors did on your site
  • Customers can schedule appointments
  • Integrates with Ringcental and Twilio in receiving and making calls
  • Emailing: The software facilitates mass emailing and it has link personalization and advanced email. It helps users assess their campaigns and it also gives wide range of templates that is perfect for your business campaigns and needs.
  • Marketing automation: The software rocks when it comes to marketing automatic because it has exhaustive features from traditional up to cutting edge that is perfect for marketing needs of modern business.
  • Web engagement: This feature engages your visitors with pop-ups that is based on the rules that is set in Agile.

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Pros and Cons of Agile


  • Free trial with loaded features
  • Fantastic app for small business
  • Direct integration with Gmail
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive enterprise plan
  • Mailing editor is not so good
  • Customer service a little bit completed for starters

When to Use Agile

Customer relationship management is popular today and if you want to have only the best, you can choose Agile. It is proven to be effective and give satisfying results. You can also try to know how it works. It is fully loaded with features that you can use for your business. You can use the software anytime you want or whenever you need a help for CRM.

Agile is one of the popular tools when it comes to CRM. It is a good choice for small up to medium businesses. They have free trial so that you get an idea on how it works. If you want the software, then you can try it. You can test the software by using the free trial so that you get a sense on how it works.

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