AmoCRM Review


AmoCRM is a sales management and B2B app and it can be used in taking leads and like business intelligence technologies tool. The software organizes your contacts and the good thing is that it filters current leads tasks that should be completed and much more. Read this page for an overview of the software.

Information about the Company: AmoCRM Review

AmoCRM is not just a CRM business company, but it is a sales management company that is designed in eliminating lost leads and make sure to increase their clients and customers sales conversion. It is an intuitive and compact cloud based solution that is available anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. They have superb software that you can use in managing your sales team, gain insights about sales patterns with customizable reports and analytics. You can also use the software in managing sales pipeline

It is easy to increase sales with AmoCRM and what you only need to do is to maintain your database for potential contacts and leads. You need to make sure that all contact information, notes and other information are entered correctly.

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Tools, Features and Description of AmoCRM

AmoCRM excels when it comes to lead management. Its platform automatically assigns tasks and leads to each users in ensuring follow up. With the tasks, it helps their clients and customers to be updated with emails, calls, meetings and other interactions.

Also, the leads can be assigned scores and can be placed it in appropriate campaigns that depend on the score, lead status, inbound channel and other different custom fields.

AmoCRM can be easily set up, especially on importing contacts from Outlook, Gmail and other databases for contacts. The software also adapts to users workflow and it offers numerous pre-built integrations with open API and sales software systems. The system can also be integrated with web forms that allow companies in capturing and generating leads directly from their site. Also, the software is offering native mobile applications for Android and iOS that allows sales team in accessing the system wherever the calls came from.


  • Custom fields
  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Email integration
  • Low cost
  • Export and import
  • No contracts
  • Multi-currency
  • Sales reports
  • Sales pipeline
  • Widget integrations
  • Task management
  • Tags

Pros and Cons of AmoCRM


  • Give solution to follow and collect all new leads
  • Intuitive
  • Process is short and simple
  • Saves time
  • Mobile app
  • Easy to integrate


  • Slight time delay

When to Use AmoCRM

If you want to generate small business leads, you can use AmoCRM anytime you want. It supports mobile app, easy to use and very intuitive. The software gives process that is simple and short that will make your task so easy.

You can use AmoCRM anytime and anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection. It is a great help for your business in generating leads, import contacts, increase sales conversions and others. Many people and businesses trust the software and trying it is a good option because you get to know more on what it gives to its customers and clients.

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