Anymeeting Review


If you are thinking or web conference or webinar, one of the things you need to consider is which tool you need to use. Some of the web meeting software has huge prices, but if you want to avail with free software, Anymeeting is ideal for you.

Information about the Company: Anymeeting Review

Anymeeting gives basic webinar service having essential features of slides, moderation and chat. It is a perfect choice for businesses because it meets the needs of online site owners. It was designed to give the best help for users.

Tools, Features and Description of Anymeeting

Anymeeting gives a simple webinar help for everyone and it is available for free. Anyone can use it without paying and it is their help to interact with their participants and customers.

Some features of the software include:

  • Send email invitations: What you need to do is to enter meeting information and email address of attendees, then you are ready to go. Your participants will receive email with the meeting information and link in joining the meeting.
  • Make custom registration forms: You can make custom registration form in gathering details about meeting attendees.
  • Promote meetings on Facebook and Twitter: Make buzz as well as drive attendance by using social media integration in order to promote meetings on Twitter and Facebook automatically.
  • Customize public profile: Users are allowed to display Facebook badge, LinkedIn profile and Twitter Feed.
  • Meet with 1,000 participants: Whether you meet 3 or 1,000 individuals, you can do it. Whether you want large webinar or small meeting, it is up to you.
  • Share anything: You can begin to start sharing your screen or to share anything you want that will be displayed on your computer, which include Excel, web pages, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Upload and share PDFs and PowerPoint: You can upload and share the files you have. The good thing is that you have access to documents for future meetings, anywhere and anytime.
  • Video conferencing: You can use your webcam in adding personal touch and you can add up to 6 people for video conferencing.
  • Integrated conference calling: Your account includes PIN codes and conference call number for participants to join by computer or phone.

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Pros and Cons of Anymeeting


  • The software has wider variety tools that you can use
  • Has free support
  • Sign up is so easy
  • Web based that is why no need for download
  • It integrates PayPal that is why you can charge individuals for the webinar


  • To begin screen sharing, hosts need to download small application
  • It lacks some features that can be found on the webinar tools

When to Use Anymeeting

Anymeeting webinar gives simple webinar tools making it easy for participants and presenters to use it for basic presentations. If you want to presenting something and want to get connected with your customers, clients and other participants.

There you have the information about Anymeeting. If you want to have it, you need to start signing up and the best thing is that you do not need to pay anything because it is free. There are many people who are using it and you can also try to see how it works.

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