Apparound CPQ Review


Many companies are having a hard time to create accurate quotes for their products and services. Because of it, they tend to commit mistakes. If you want to avoid this thing to happen, you have to use configure price quote software and  Apparound CPQ can help you.

Information about the Company

The company was founded in the year 2008 and has several offices around the world. Their main operation is based in Pisa, Italy.

Apparound gives configure price and quote module helping sales team to make accurate quotes without any mistakes and to engage customers in sales meetings as well as to simplify sales management. The software was designed in helping to improve the speed of preparing contract, quotations and the reduction of logistics, training costs and printing.

Tools, Features and Description of Apparound

When it comes to features of Apparound, it feature gamification platform helping incentivize sales reps, which include badges and to boost competition of teams. They give rewards and emotional motivation, wherein the software can improve your sales team performance. With the onboarding module of the tool, it helps new members of team getting up speed quickly.

Apparound is also features full sales metrics, which include dashboard capabilities for sales manager to accurately view the team’s performance in any location at any time. With this solution, it can track the effectiveness of numerous sales channels that will help your company to view which channels give great conversion rates. Apparound was built in helping automate quotations, contracts, product catalogs and orders. It also includes some tools for sales tracking and performance motivation. It main modules offer contract generator, configurator, gamification, sales motivation, catalogue, content distribution, self service management platform and sales performance analytics.

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  • End quotes in PDF or Word formats
  • Automated offer configurator for service and product
  • Digital
  • Side by side product comparison
  • Auto updated product catalog
  • Contract approval processes
  • Guided selling for optimal deals
  • Contract generator
  • Gamification
  • Promotions and costing calculation
  • Performance data
  • Role based sales reports
  • In-app push notifications
  • Mobile devices
  • Customer survey tool

Pros and Cons of Apparound


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Save your time
  • Improve your sales effectiveness
  • Easily showcase your best promotions and offers to clients
  • Multiple modules


  • Cannot customize the home page

When to Use Apparound

There are many things that you still need to know about Apparound and relying on it will give you satisfaction. If you want to make sure that you have the best and correct configuration, pricing and quoting, this is the time you need to use the software. It will be your help to get rid of mistakes or errors and it will make sure that your sales team will able to increase their sales performance.

Relying with online software is not a bad thing, especially if you believe that it will help your company or business. It is a good idea to rely on software that will give what you need and when it comes to CPQ, Apparound is your one stop solution. It has many features that help your business to grow.

Choose Apparound CPQ software now!