Apttus CPQ Review


It is essential to address your customer needs and you can do this with Apttus CPQ. The quotation software is offering advanced suite of CPQ solutions addressing each need of partner or customer engagement process of quoting.

Information about the Company: Apttus Review

Whether your team needs to configure complex offerings, choose pre-approved bundles or utilize guided selling, Apttus will help you. They have the solution that you need. The CPQ can be used in portals that allow customers and partners to generate quotes and choose their product bundles.

Tools, Features and Description of Apttus

Apttus enables channels to sell bigger, sell anywhere and sell more. It is built with Salesforce1 platform and it boosts your effectiveness in sales through helping and guiding your users to quotes for pricing, channels and products. If you integrate this software in your contract process, you have the chance to automate renewal quotes that is based on agreed terms and pricing.

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The software is a component of Apttus quote to cash solution that allows sales organizations to reduce risk, avoid leakage of revenue and others.


  • Enhance sales effectiveness: Improve deal size as well as close rate by giving all channels the pricing insights and latest products.
  • Scale your business: You can leverage your investment in order to drive productivity as well as global growth.
  • Sell anything: With its mobile capability, you can get more close deals wherever you are.
  • Other features of the software include:
  • Fuel global revenue
  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Asset based ordering on existing agreements
  • Great configurations for service or product
  • Define pricing tiers and hierarchies
  • Streamline proposals
  • Mobile application
  • Increase cross-sell, up sell as well as bundling opportunities
  • Price adjustments that is based on mark-ups, overrides and discounts
  • Analyze acceptance rates, quoting cycle time and product line
  • Discount guardrails
  • Price waterfalls
  • Self service portal
  • Make professional proposals
  • Esignature for proposals
  • Customer and partner centric dashboards
  • Chatter capabilities

Pros and Cons of Apttus

The pros and cons of the tool will help you to decide, whether the tool is ideal for you or not. If you know what the tool can do for you, then you do not need to worry, but since not all tools are perfect, you also need to know what the tool cannot do.


  • Integrations
  • Save your time
  • Digital contract singing service


  • Take time to make calculations
  • Limited customization

When to Use Apttus

Apttus helps your business to become more productive because it gives you higher chance to close more deals. Your sales team can make professional proposals with the use of multiple currencies, which is one of the best features of the tool. You can use Apttus anytime you want and anywhere you are because it has mobile application.

It is hard to sell faster, sell bigger and sell more, but you are lucky because Apttus will be your top-notch help. The software is one of the best choices for businesses out there. If you do not want to risk your company and only want the best for it, Apttus will be your help.

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