Auric Prospector Review


Many businesses are looking for a software having superb sales automation feature. You are lucky because this page will reveal one of the best CRM software solutions you can choose and that is Auric Prospector. Check this out!

Information about the Company

Auric Prospector is offering a customer relationship management platform that can be use on-premise or cloud. The good thing is that it is ideal for small and medium sized businesses. They are offering solutions allowing users to analyze, update and view of their sales pipeline.

When it comes to the sales force automation online feature, it enables clients and customers to design their workflow flowcharts as well as automate sales processes.

Tools, Features and Description of Auric Prospector

Auric Prospector is capable of tracking leads automatically during sales cycle. The solution has the ability to upload contact details from applications like Microsoft Outlook in keeping data synchronized. It has also calendar integration that helping users in managing daily schedules as well as record meetings.

The software is offering web based contact that easy to use, opportunity and customer management system with magnificent offline application. With it, sales professionals can close more deals with easy and fast tracking. They can also organize their opportunities and contacts. In addition, it also helps your support teams in resolving issues faster.

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Auric Prospector is a one of a kind software allowing medium and small businesses on managing their customer service, sales, purchase activities and marketing in a single platform. The CRM modules give users 360-degree view of sales pipeline and customer in identifying actual leads from their contacts. It give chance to users to have interaction with their customers and to retain it by analyzing their interests and statistics.

With the given complete visibility of your customers, it will be your help in increasing your sales opportunities and in executing cross-selling and up-selling strategies. The module gives case status and details allowing customer relationship team in addressing issues quickly. For the contact management feature, it gives ability in uploading contact details like phone calls, meetings and emails.


  • Contact management
  • Call center management
  • Campaign management
  • Document management
  • Landing pages
  • Interaction tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead management
  • List management
  • Project management
  • Project catalog

Pros and Cons of Auric Prospector


  • Offline access
  • Easy to use
  • Automate sales processes
  • Great sales database
  • Design workflow flowcharts


  • There is no negative review

When to Use Auric Prospector

If you are having a hard time to track leads, organize your emails, contacts and others, then you can use Auric Prospector. It will help you a lot in everything that you need to do. It is easy to use software allowing you to have an easy task.

It is essential that you manage your contacts easily and your customers. If you want to rely on software and make sure that it is the top-notch choice you can have for your business, you can use Auric Prospector anytime you want. Check out the software so that you get more details.

Download Auric Prospector today!