Bitrix24 Review


Nowadays, it is important to have the best sales lead tracking software for your small or mid-sized business in order to help you to become competitive online. You need to ensure that the tool will be your help all throughout the process. You can choose BitrixCRM for your business.

Information about the Company: Bitrix24 Review

The company is offering turnkey and highly secure intranet solution for medium and small sized businesses designed to have effective communication, business process, knowledge management, social networking and collaboration.

When it comes to the customer relationship management solution of the tool, it gives a great platform for businesses in tracking and organizing interactions with existing or potential partners and clients. Users can log as well as manage their client interactions, store and capture data, perform segmentation, generate sales reports of target audiences.

Tools, Features and Description of Bitrix

There are many things that you can get with the software, it allows you to received leads from user’s site. You can also make message templates, send group or individual emails to contacts and leads, client interactions, capture notes, assign tasks and schedule meetings.

You can also make personalized invoices for your clients by inserting client details automatically and sending it directly to email address of client’s. For bitrix24 desktop sales funnel functionality, it offers a description of sales transactions that in progress as well as their respective stages. By using the sales dashboard, your sales agents can view how any deals they have won and how many clients have not yet been invoiced.

Bitrix24 is offering tools like project management, CRM, document management, time management as well as tasking in social style environment, which include instant messaging, liking, content sharing, user profiles and commenting.

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  • Bulk email
  • Activity stream intranet center
  • Company structure
  • Calendar sharing
  • CRM reports
  • Extranet
  • Daily planner
  • Instant messages
  • Email notifications
  • File versioning and sharing
  • Project groups
  • Tasks
  • Sales funnel
  • Photo albums
  • User profiles
  • Workflow
  • Time management
  • Simple access assignment

Pros and Cons of Bitrix


  • Great for corporate businesses wanting to have company internal intranet
  • Device friendly for OS, Fab, Desktop and Mac
  • Many workspaces
  • Intranet chat system
  • CRM
  • Extra applications


  • Admin functions
  • Limited
  • Little bit complicated to use

When to Use Bitrix

You can use the software for your business, whether it is small or big. It is your best help you schedule meetings, store data, manage interactions and much more. There are many things that you get with it and anytime, you can use it. You can start to use the software or after you read all the details about it.

Using Bitrix for your company is a good choice because it helps you a lot. Also, you have the chance to access some data because it is device friendly by using your Mac. Whatever you want, whether to manage interactions, capture data, generate sales reports and others, the software can do it for you. All you need to do is to have an account with them.

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