Boldchat Review


There are many online customer support software that you can find out, but it is important to choose the best. You should not just rely on the software that you find online without reading reviews or without checking its site. Boldchat is one of the live chat software you can find online and it is one of the best.

Information about the Company: Boldchat Review

Boldchat software integrates with numerous third party services that allows users to collect accurate details about their customers and website. Users will also have access to their customers’ profiles and it helps them to analyze their customer base and to develop new campaigns.

Tools, Features and Description of Boldchat

Some of the useful tools of the software include tracking visitor referral, visitor footprints as well as repeat visitor identification. It also includes some traffic monitoring features like visitor data capturing, alerts, visitor monitoring as well as proactive invitations.

In addition, Boldchat has offline and online message system and it has the ability in forcing web pages, hotkey canned messages, auto-invite and much more. Users will get features such as user defined statuses, user defined folders, auto thread emails and others. Boldchat make new updates without affecting user customer connections. Also, it writes HTML code for you.

Some features of Boldchat:

  • Agent efficiency
  • Email management
  • Active browser sharing with form fill
  • Chat
  • Deploy across unlimited domains
  • Integrated SMS
  • Live chat
  • Integrated workspace
  • Passive browsing sharing
  • Mobile engagement
  • Supervisor dashboard
  • SMS management
  • Web-based chat reporting
  • Twitter management

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Pros and Cons of Boldchat


  • Proactive chat: It gives users engaging experience and assists them in all ways.
  • Complete customization: Branding is essential on the web and with the customization feature of the software, it allows you in accessing code as well as edit in achieving maximum customization.
  • Customer support: The software gives users great selection of customer support. It offers 24/7 live chat support on their site. It also allows you to text or call through Skype numbers and the good thing is that the company provided Skype numbers that you can use in calling from Australia and UK. It also has great FAQ section.


  • Expensive: Boldchat is expensive because the lowest plan is $599 for each agent. It maybe too much for smaller businesses who do not have much money, but larger companies can have it. On the other hand, the software has free trial or demo that you can check out.

When to Use the Boldchat Software

Aside from getting Boldchat support, large companies can use the system. It allows them to get in touch with their customers. For small businesses who have the budget, they can have the software and start to use it to meet their needs and get what they want.

There you have the details you need to know about Boldchat. There are many things you will like about the software and you can try the free trial version to know how it works. If you are contented, you can use and rely with it anytime you want.

We hope this Boldchat review helped you, so choose this software now!