Box Software Review


If you are checking out cloud storage online or sales enablement software to ensure that you share and store content superbly, you can check out Box software because it is one of the best choices you can have for your business. Read this page for more information.

Information about the Company: Software Box Review

Box is a web-based system that is created for sharing and storing content online. It is ideal for midsize and small businesses. It is also great for large enterprises and the best thing is that they offer solutions for different industries like construction, education, advertising, energy, government, financial services, high tech, health care, packaged goods and others.

Box cloud storage features based on business and individual needs. For businesses, it enables users in creating content simultaneously. For individuals, it offers file synchronizing, box cloud storage online, online collaboration, mobile access as well as sending files in fast way. The files can be synced between users’ computer and box site.

Tools, Features and Description of Box

Box Software documents can be shared and edited within applications like Google Docs and Microsoft Office. With the Outlook Box, all files can be shared as an email attachment. The company gives admin console in managing all files by setting up individual permissions. When it comes to reports, it can be generated in Box through the business intelligence and reporting API tools.

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  • Email attachments: Securely share large files with custom URL or simple link control access.
  • Automatic version control: The software always have latest file version making the collaboration seamless and great. It also saves earlier versions whenever you need to go back.
  • Preview without downloading: View full documents, which include PowerPoint and Word without downloading your file.
  • Box Basics: In getting started with your Box account, you need to create a login as well as download apps to your devices. You can install and download desktop apps for Mac or Windows. You can also install it on mobile apps for iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry.
  • Mobile apps: The mobile app is easy to use and responsive. Users can navigate it easily and it includes some features like ability to add pass code, auto upload option for backing up videos and photos.
  • Box extras: Users can connect their account to long list of programs and services.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage Box


  • Sharing folders and making custom links is easy
  • Beginners cloud users will be comfortable with the simple and easy interface of the software
  • Responsive and fast apps
  • Rich features
  • Well designed for collaboration


  • Do not offer storage space for personal use unlike other web storage providers
  • Lack some collaboration features

When to Use Box

If you want to synchronize your folders and files with software that is highly customizable and easy to use, it is the time that you need to use Box software. It allows you to integrate your account with different services and apps.

Box cloud service is one of the best options for your business. It gives the help you need and it is very responsive and easy to use. You can rely on the software anytime you want.

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