Bug Tracking Software

Bug tracking software is ultimately a kind of issue tracking that focuses on recording information about situations when a program fails to function quite as expected. If you want to catch all the mistakes in your programming and deal with them accordingly, you’re going to need software like this for sure. Have a look at the 10 software options below and see if one catches your eye.

The 10 Best Issue Tracking Software Options


bug tracking software
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It is defect tracking software at its best. Naturally, its main focus is on ensuring that you notice bugs and deal with them swiftly, but it also provides a help desk and complaints management service for your company. It really is all-inclusive when it comes to dealing with errors and problems occurring in your software business.


defect tracking software
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It is a full-stack software bug tracking option that comes with a 14-day free trial, which gives you just enough time to get to grips with all of its capabilities. It has been thoroughly tested by its developers and clearly works very well with a vast range of major programming languages and frameworks.


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It is another offering from the world-renowned Atlassian team. This software defect tracking program lets your team work independently of one another wherever appropriate, leading your developers to become highly agile and able to adapt to changing circumstances. It has over 1,000 add-ons to boost its capabilities to a near-unlimited level.


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It is perhaps the best issue tracking software for genuine collaboration. You can discuss all your ideas here without resorting to messy strings of different emails between various sub-groups of people. Working together is succeeding together when you take the collectivist approach touted by the fine people at Planio.


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It is a great feedback tool that incorporates beta testing, browser feedback and bug tracking all in one handy package. It focuses on offering a visual approach, so if this sounds like your kind of thing, give it a try. Simple bug tracking software doesn’t come much better than this

Stackify Retrace

simple bug tracking software
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This defect tracking software that lets you see more with less effort. It has been specially designed for use by developers who want to get to the bottom of any issue quickly and then deal with it rapidly and effectively. It offers a metered payment system so you only pay for what you use, helping you keep costs down.


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It offers flexible agile project management with a software bug tracking program built in. Make sure your projects are of the highest quality while recording any bugs that crop up as soon as they occur. This is the ultimate in development tools as far as the whole application life cycle is concerned.


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This simple bug tracking software at its absolute best. They do their damnedest to make sure that their services are as easy to operate as possible without any loss of efficacy. They are dedicated to reducing the hidden costs associated with unnecessary complexity and you’ll find your whole team jumping on the bandwagon in no time at all.


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It focuses on giving you detailed dashboards with which you can quickly understand how your application is failing to work as intended. Software defect tracking is made into a logical process that groups similar or connected errors together in order to help you fix problems using one integrated solution.


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Axosoft is entirely web-based, making it useful when you don’t have access to the information stored only on your own servers. It has been used by a number of high profile companies, including Nike, Disney and Lego, not to mention a plethora of others.

If you want to create apps and programs that people use time and time again, you need to employ bug tracking software. You shouldn’t be made to suffer because of a simple coding error that could have been easily fixed had it been noticed before your product launch. Fix your mistakes before they destroy your hard-earned reputation.

Choose a comprehensive bug tracking software option that suits your requirements perfectly. Make your software an indispensable part of everyone’s day.