CallidusCloud Review


If you are seeking for marketing, sales cloud and lead generator software, CallidusCloud should be on your list. It is one of the top-notch choices online you can have for your business. It will be your help in generating more leads. Check this page for more details.

Information about the Company: CallidusCloud Review

CallidusCloud is a leader in marketing and sales cloud software. This cloud marketing automation tool is focused on lead intelligence, marketing efforts and aligning sales in making efficient sales funnels for businesses of all sizes.

CallidusCloud is perfect for B2B companies and the best thing is that it has been recognized with numerous awards in their 15 years of existence. Recently, the company receives an award as Most Innovative Company of the Year in the year 2013. Some of the brands that have used the software include HCL America, Acorn Energy and Adobe. They have used the platform in enhancing their marketing efforts.

Tools, Features and Description of CallidusCloud

The marketing automation of the software is helping companies in enhancing lead intelligence, generating qualified leads as well as automating marketing processes that is time consuming. Through streamlined site, lead, report and marketing management, the software drives sales pipeline. The main feature of the tool is to qualify and identify valuable leads that are based on users’ online behavior.

The software was designed to give insight and intelligence to lead performance of your sales teams at the same time providing marketing teams lead management capabilities and campaign automation. Some applications are available in the suite, which include social CRM, web self-service and knowledge management. With these, it helps companies to generate higher leads through SEO. In addition, the tool has single dashboard that helps users to effectively manage their leads that are coming in through launch campaigns and sources.

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  • Hiring cloud: It includes online interviewing, assessment testing, on boarding and executive job board.
  • Selling cloud: It includes sales coaching, sales channels, on the fly quotes, sales gamification, workflow, compensation and commissions.
  • Learning cloud: It includes content authoring and learning management.
  • Marketing cloud: It includes marketing automation, lead management and sales enablement.

Pros and Cons of CallidusCloud


  • Easy to use
  • Marketing automation
  • Learning management
  • Sales coaching
  • Enhance marketing efforts


  • Must fully know how to use the software

When to Use CallidusCloud

If you want to beat CallidusCloud competitors, you need to start using the software. It is not easy to have a success company or business, especially if you do not know what you are doing, but you are lucky because CallidusCloud can help you. You can use the software anytime you want and checking it out as soon as possible will give you a higher chance to master how to use it.

CallidusCloud will make your business on the top, but be sure that you are a member of it to experience how effective the company and how they can help you. There are numerous features of the software that will be your guide to get what you want.

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