Clickback Review


Generating sales leads are important to have higher profit. If you want a lead generating software or tool that will be your help, then you can choose Clickback. It is one of the popular tools online that you should not miss to check.

Information about the Company: Clickback Review

Clickback was founded in the year 1998 and as of today, it has grown as a great retail service provider online having more than 12,000 product vendors and more than 100,000 active affiliates. The fact is that they process more than 26,000 transactions everyday and they get an average of more than 700,000 visits every month.

Tools, Features and Description of Clickback

Clickback is a digital marketplace for digital products. It is the most popular resource for vendors online. It is the best place for vendors in selling and marketing their products. For affiliates who are seeking for new products that they can promote, they can check out the company.

CLickback is a well-known company throughout online business community and work at home because they have numerous training programs as well as business that being sold online. The company is offering their customers a guaranteed refund with no questions within 2 months of purchasing their product. For businesses, they are using the company to generate sales leads and more sales.

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Pros and Cons of Clickback


  • High commissions: The company has a high commission when it comes to affiliate marketing networks.
  • Easy to promote and sign up: One of the things you want with the company is that those who are members, planning to become a member and affiliates do not need to go through a hard process in signing up. They allow anyone to sign up with ease of use.
  • Multi-language: One of the best things with the tool is that it has support for multi language allowing users to promote their products in 4 different languages. Some users find this feature invaluable.
  • Convenient payment schedule: This is one of the aspects that each affiliate loves about the company. While other companies have inconsistent or worse payment schedules, Clickback is different because they allow weekly payments or bi-weekly payments.
  • Set threshold: It allows you to set threshold for only $10.


  • Email support is slow in responding: Some users do not like their support team because they do not responded to emails quickly.

When to Use Clickback

If you want to get high B2B leads, you can use Clickbank. It is also a perfect choice to sell products effectively and to get more affiliates. If you do not make high sales in every month or you do not generate high leads, then Clickback is your answer.

Thousands of companies and people are using Clickback and you can also try to know how it works. The company is trusted by individuals because they get superb results. It allows them to meet their business needs and to generate more leads that they do not expect to happen. If you believe that the company is the help you need, check the site for more details.

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