Cloudsense CPQ Review


Handling customer’s orders are important and if you want to make sure that you can do it wisely and effectively, getting a help from sales quotation software is not a bad idea. There are many choices that you can have online.

Information about the Company

Cloudsense is a CPQ tool solution working inside Salesforce in handling customer’s orders through all the process. The program receives orders from many online channels as well as generates quotes for different bundles and goods. The time that the deal is closed, you can now arrange for your services to begin and to generate invoices.

Tools, Features and Description of Cloudsense

With Cloudsense CPQ, it can display all ongoing processes and the good thing is that it comes with mobile device IU for users can make quotes for mortar and brick retail customers. Cloudsense is a global leader in the industry when it comes to quote to cash. The platform of the software delivers sales effectives for organizations and companies configuration, pricing and quoting products from simple sales up to sophisticated subscriptions.

Using the software allows you to maximize tour sales, reduce administration sales time as well as to get rid of order mistakes with next generation configuring price quote tool. Here are some of the features of the software:

  • Guided selling: Guide your sales conversation by defining order of questions as well as parameters. This feature quickens the on-boarding process.
  • Configure products and services: With it, you can generate faster and to have accurate quotes at the same time retain control of what is being sold. You can configure products, make bundles and to determine the pricing that is based on your company’s business logic.
  • Flexible and powerful pricing: Sales reps can make fast accurate pricing in sharing with their customers. The teams are using different pricing strategies in meeting the customer requirements and company strategy.
  • Easily and quickly make bundles, promotions and offers: Allow their sales team to combine services and products on single quote in order to increase your sales order value as well as reduce mistakes.
  • Simple to sophisticated quote: Using the software allows you to make quotes automatically by using the best format. With it, you can automate delivery as well as save directly to Salesforce. You can save you time and much more.
  • Subscription sales and renewals: Users can configure ongoing and upfront product as well as commercial terms. To works on any channels and others.

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Pros and Cons of Cloudsense


  • CPQ cloud is very innovative
  • Give many value to sales cycle
  • Many capabilities
  • Quote creation
  • Deal metric breakdowns


  • Lots of bugs that disrupts workflow

When to Use Cloudsense

Cloudsense is great CPQ software online and you can use it anytime in configuring, pricing and quoting for products and services. Many companies rely and use it so you can also try to know ways it works.

Even though there are many choices for CPQ software, Cloudsense is one of the best options you can have for your business. It is proven to be effective and helpful for companies.

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