Connotate Software Review


Choosing the best business intelligence technologies for lead generation is a good idea because you know that it will help you. It is not easy to generate leads, but with Connotate software, you will be satisfied because you get what you want.

Information about the Company

Connotate is one of the leading market leaders in delivering web content extraction. They are offering real world experience and proven technology that turns user’s website big data into worldwide database for their customers. With them, the provider for information service as well as other data centric organizations increases their content capacity.

Connotate has patented and innovative approach to web content extraction that does more when it comes to custom scripts or web scraping. They combine visual understanding on how user works with machine and advanced learning. They make sure that web content extraction is reliable, precise and scalable.

Tools, Features and Description of Connotate

Connotate handles thousands of sites as well as terabytes of data, high value details unlocking true potential of web content for business.

Numerous largest information services and products around the world are trusting Connotate. The company includes 2 of the top 3 credit and financial information service providers. The company is being used in wide range of applications, which include news and content aggregation, market and financial research, distribution and retail chain monitoring, pricing and competitive intelligence, lead list and sales intelligence generation and risk and compliance management. The technology driven process enables data collection, aggregation, delivery and normalization that meet individual needs.

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Sales Intelligence: The software will arm your sales team with insights and leads that they need in driving successful sales opportunities. It continues to monitor gazillion of sites for company and industry information that delivers continuous stream of sales intelligence and targeted contacts. With Connotate, users can:

  • Automatically identify new leads by collecting contact details from company sites, online articles, industry associations and other sources
  • Free up sales time
  • Shorten sales cycle through monitoring web for market changing events and trends driving highly productive conversations with the sales prospects
  • Enhance prospect database by adding public customer details like professional affiliations


  • Email address extraction
  • Disparate data collection
  • Web data extraction
  • Phone number extraction
  • Phone number extraction
  • Image extraction

Pros and Cons of Connotate


  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Identify new leads
  • Content extraction is reliable


  • Sometimes there are issues with the apps

When to Use Connotate

If you want to increase your leads and identify new leads, you can use Connotate anytime you want. It will be your help and your assistance in meeting your needs. Connotate is a sales lead generation tool that you need to try because it helps you and your sales team. Also, the software will arm your sales team insights and leads that you badly need.

Connotate can be accessible as long as you have internet connection. You can use it anytime you want or whenever you are in need of sales lead generating help.

Choose Connotate software now!