Crazyegg Review


Increasing conversions, determining how your visitors navigate and lowering bounce rates are important. If you want to make sure you achieved all what you want, you can use Crazyegg software. This is a heatmap tool that helps you a lot.

Information about the Company: Crazyegg Review

Crazyegg is a product that helps site owners in determining how their site visitors navigate. The primary aim of the product is to increase users’ conversions and sales enablement, simply optimize user interface and lower bounce rates.

If you use the site of the software, you will be prompted to enter the site URL. It does not require site verification ownership, which means you can enter any site that you like.

Tools in Crazyegg

There are 4 primary tools that make up the product. The parts include Heatmap that is known as Scrollmap, Confetti and Overlay.

  • Heatmap is self-explanatory and works in similar way just like what you see on weather forecast. When it comes to the hottest section of map, it will show where users click most and the coldest areas will show which is less frequently clicked. The heatmap tool is ideal for webmasters in knowing whether their buttons are clicked or not.
  • For Scrollmap, it is more about user behavior wherein it is being used in analyzing how frequently and how far visitors are scrolling in your webpage. The tool will be your help in discovering whether your uses are checking some areas or not.
  • For Overlay, it is used to see which clickable links and text links are getting more action and getting highest return. This tool feature can also be finding in the Google Analytics and some similar products.
  • For Confetti, this is the most advanced and intricate tool that is part of the software package. It does not only shows what is clicked, but also gives illustrations on which clicks are valuable. It gives an information on about sources of origination or original referral. This is valuable, especially if you get numerous traffics from different sources and if you are not sure how every piece of traffic is behaving

These 4 tools are included in every service or package that Crazyegg is offering. You need to know that the tools cannot be purchased individually.

Free trials: One of the best parts with the tool is that it has free trial. You are given 30 days in trying the software.

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Pros and Cons of Crazyegg


  • Has heatmap that is best way in checking possible issues
  • Delivers vital understand on how users interact with users site
  • Scrollmaps
  • Clickmaps
  • Show the high volume of visitors
  • See what percentage of users are viewing the various areas of your site page
  • Page camera tool


  • Lacks cross domain tracking

When to Use Crazyegg

The software is also a mouse tracker that you can use for your website. Aside from this, it allows you in checking what page your visitors clicked and what are page is being clicked seldom. It also gives you percentage of users that view your site page.

There you have the details you need to know about the software. Crazyegg is also a great website mouse tracking that will help you to the fullest.

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