Datanyze Review


In a business world online, it is essential to increase their sales effectiveness. Also, they need to make sure that they build pipeline and use sales intelligence. If you cannot do the task alone, then you probably need a help. You can rely with Datanyze software.

Information about the Company: Datanyze Review

Datanyze gives sales acceleration tool for technology companies that seek to increase their sales effectiveness as well as build their pipeline. The software will combine all the data collection together with the predictive analytics as well as prospecting tools, the system then will tell your sales team on who to contact.

The company has more than 30,000 users in more than 30 countries. Datanyze is the best solution for many companies that seeking to make data driven sales team that superbly drives.

Tools, Features and Description of Datanyze

Datanyze is a web based sales intelligence at the same time lead generation solution enabling companies in generating more sales prospects. The good thing with the system is that it has Alert module that makes customizes alerts for competitors and partners in monitoring certain technology provider solutions on site.

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Datanyze is also enabling you to qualify customers by giving data points like employees, technology vendors and revenue. The software also has email finder tool that gives prospect’s emails. Its predictive model scores leads through analyzing many data signals like social profile, current technology providers, online presences and company profile. Datanyze is offering customized integration with the Salesforce enabling users in exporting prospects. It also enables sales professionals in tracking technology vendors’ solutions to share leads that are based on the firmographic information.

Datanyze is software for business analytics that tells users number of things about their business such as extent of their target audience that left their competitors and where their customers will head after they left users company. There are numerous things that you can do with the software.

Key Features:

The predictive scoring model that developed by Datanyze is personalized and it does not do other things, but it is focus on the sites depicting customer lists and customer email addresses. The model is effective in getting much of user’s current leads as well as shares the best leads with user’s sales team. If you want to have a great influential recommendation, the system is perfect for you. Such recommendation includes social presence, latest technology support, web presence and company details in data signals form. It is a good help in creating quality customer profiles and the best thing with the leads that you get is that it convert to customers.


  • CSV import
  • Alerts
  • Targeting
  • Correlations
  • Countdown
  • CSV export
  • Technologies
  • People
  • Customer migration

Pros and Cons of Datanyze


  • Robust sales intelligence tool
  • Evaluates millions of sites
  • Integrate with 3rd party solutions


  • There is no negative review

When to Use Datanyze

If you want to know where your customers came from and convert your leads into customers, then what you need to use is Datanyze. You need to use the software in meeting your needs and getting higher revenue.

Many companies are already using Datanyze and you can also try it to see what it gives to you. There are many features of the software that will help you in meeting your needs.

Datanyze review could really help with your choice!