Fuze Review


Screen sharing online is essential for business and there are many people who are looking for it. If you want to have web conferencing software that is perfect for your business, you can have Fuze software. Here is a review about it.

Information about the Company: Fuze Review

Fuze is a cloud based unified communication and global platform empowering productivity as well as deliver insights by enabling business voice communications, always on-collaboration and video conferencing. It was formerly known as ThinkingPhones, allowing mobile workforce, modern workforce to communicate anywhere and anytime.

Tools, Features and Description of Fuze

Fuze does not only focus on phone services and part of solutions, but it also offers video conferencing solution for online businesses. It offers exceptional unified communication system and when it comes to its platforms, its offer quality audio solution and remoter sharing that is accessible through mobile devices. Also, Fuze screen sharing is of high quality and the sound is good too. Using it will allow you to meet your needs.

Some features of Fuze:

  • Integrated with Gmail and Dropbox
  • Mobile devices application
  • Easy monitoring
  • Unified communication system
  • Video conferencing
  • Audio solution

There you have the features of the software. There are still some features that you should know about Fuze and the good thing is that trying it will be your best step. If you want the tool, testing by yourself is important to know how it works.

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Pros and Cons of Fuze

Knowing or being aware on the pros and cons of Fuze is important. You need to know that there is no perfect software out there because each tool has minor issues and it is normal. With Fuze, it is a great tool, but there are certain things that you must know about it. It perfectly works for each user, but minor issues arise sometimes. With the pros and cons, you will be aware on the good and bad side of it.


  • Fuze is integrated with Dropbox and Gmail
  • Meeting is easy to monitor
  • Function well with mobile devices
  • Fuze is simple to use


  • Lack video conferencing solution
  • Long procurement time in getting new devices
  • Do not have access on pricing plans details because users needs to fill out the form
  • There is no other option to contact back end support other than email

When to Use the Fuze

If you want to use Fuze, you can use it anytime you want. There are many things that you get with it allowing you to have the best solution that you need for your business. If you want to have the best webinar, video conferencing and others, Fuze tool is perfect for you.

It is not easy to find the best webinar for your business because all tools online claims that they are the best. It is better if you make some research so that you get what you want. You can read some reviews or forums online. On the other hand, if you believe that Fuze has everything you are looking for, you can start to use the software. It is easy and simple to use. You do not need to have superb technical skills to use it.

Use Fuze webinar today!