Gotomeeting Review


Web conference is necessary have for your business so that you can communicate with other people. It allows you to discuss some important matters even though you are not together. One of the best video conferencing software you can have is Gotomeeting.

Information about the Company: Gotomeeting Review

Gotomeeting conference call software is cost effective and simple to have collaboration with customers and colleagues. With it, it allows users to share their webcams in order for them to have personal interactions.

Tools, Features and Description of Gotomeeting

Gotomeeting is a place where you can be focus on enhancing and simplifying collaboration that is suited for team of employees and clients. It is also perfect for online business out there because it helps them to connect with their customers.

When it comes to features of the tool, it includes:

  • Advanced sharing tool
  • Many online resources
  • Drawing tools
  • Sharing application
  • Customization
  • Video conference

Gotomeeting will help you a lot to collaborate as well as interact with your customers and clients. It is easy to use its video conferencing feature and perfect for all types of businesses.

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Pros and Cons of Gotomeeting


  • Advanced sharing tools make it easy to collaborate: With it, you can share your desktop with participants. You can also limit the sharing to single application. With the drawing tools, you can mark up documents that you have shared. You can also speak with your team directly with the use of your microphone and make conversations.
  • Host free: The software is designed for participants and it does not require any download or sign up in getting started. If your members have joined, you can share files.
  • Simple: It gives you the chance to change default colors of your meeting space that is fit to your company color scheme.
  • Many online resources: The software gives useful resources that are designed in assisting new users. They have FAQ page to know more on how to get started. It also has video tutorials covering how you log in and how to use it.


  • Limited methods: There is no way for users to give feedback using polls.
  • Need to create your own reminder: If you need to make a schedule for meetings, you need to make notes manually because the tool does not send reminder emails.
  • Cannot store shared files: The software does not let you save files that are discussed in your meetings

When to Use the Gotomeeting Video Conference

It is important to have the software for your business because it allows you to communicate with other members, participants and clients. If you want to make sure that you can communicate with others successfully, you can use the software.

There is nothing wrong to use Gotomeeting video software because it helps you. If you want to get in touch with others without the need to meet them personally, then the software is perfect for you. Many people are using it and you can be one of them.

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