Host Analytics Review


If you want to manage your planning process and financial budgeting effectively, then you need to be aware on what systems you can use online to help you. You can try Host Analytics that will help you to validate budget based on your guidelines and targets.

Information about the Company: Host Analytics Review

Host Analytics helps companies to lower their costs and increase their business agility. The fact is that it is the first company that offers complete enterprise suite performance management apps and sales planning software that is built as cloud based application.

Tools, Features and Description of Host Analytics

Host Analytics software is ideal for medium sized businesses looking for a system that give insights about their business. The system has powerful financial applications optimizing processes such as analytics, reporting, close and planning. The software was designed in improving accountability, visibility as well as speed for users’ organization.

It is a great cloud based software helping fragmented operational and financial processes. The system has simulation engine creating unlimited what if scenarios. It helps businesses to visualize financial situations in order to improve company cost effectiveness. Additionally, it has the capability to monitor personnel that give managers self-service reporting tools helping them to monitor their employee costs. Since it is web based, the cost for implementation is lower and the EPM suite Host Analytics can be deployed easily.

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  • Minimized cycle times
  • Enhance precision
  • Integrated data leading for better and faster decision making

Host Analytics is helping business and they are offering modules for workforce planning, revenue planning as well as capital planning. The software is helping users execute complex financial processes easier and faster.

Pros and Cons of Host Analytics


  • Dynamic modeling: The company team relies on planning model in creating various scenarios for them to update their forecast in real time.
  • User interface: The software is easy to update and flexible in updating templates.
  • Planning module is helping users to simplify forecasting and budgeting
  • Response in processing and consolidating is amazing


  • Formatting is limited
  • Google Chrome browser usage is limited because there are some modules that cannot be accessible
  • HR planning is a difficult to use

When to Use Host Analytics

If you have a hard time in managing process for planning and budgeting effectively, then you need to use Host Analytics. It has superb features that will help you. If you also want to get insights about your business, Host Analytics is good to use. With it, there are many things that you will learn allowing you to do well with your business.

You can use Host Analytics anytime you want. The time you have it with your company, you can start to get all the help that you need. The software makes sure that you get complete satisfaction. It makes sure that all processes are amazing and easy to use. If you also want to improve your visibility and accountability, then you can use Host Analytics anytime you want. If you still need for more details about it, there are reviews online.

Use this Host Analytics review and choose only the best system!