Hubspot Review


Gazillions of CRM apps are available online, but choosing the best is what you need to do. There are numerous good choices you can have for yourself and Hubspot is one of those choices. You can try the best CRM software to know how it works.

Information about the Company: Hubspot Review

Hubspot is a leading CRM app that is available on the market. The tool is simple and free and it is built on platform allowing sales teams to get started as soon as possible without making any changes in their workflow. The CRM solution of the software is perfect for companies that starting to make a name in the industry.

Tools, Features and Description of Hubspot

CRM Hubspot is easy and smart option with basic features. The tool automatically logs emails in your contacts and it helps your sales team navigate by tracking contacts, email conversations, deals, tasks, companies and others in one package.

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  • Track all contacts, deals and leads in free CRM
  • Integrate with user email to automatically surface important messages
  • Company details with the tool insights
  • Autocomplete contact
  • Make email templates
  • Customize layout of information with the drag & drop
  • Android and iOS apps available

Hubspot is a new CRM application that will meet your needs. The CRM includes number of features to have easy task in managing your contacts and to track your contacts. The best thing with it is that it is free and you can use it in building networks. You can also upgrade your marketing tools if you are ready to grow beyond tracking deals and leads. With the software, you have main dashboard that will show your recent activity, current ongoing deals, emails, recent tasks and other information. There are also tabs for your contacts, deals, companies, sales content and tasks. Every page has filters letting you see and drill down the details you need. Hubspot allows you to manage your contacts as well as companies.

Pros and Cons of Hubspot


  • Integrated with sidekick
  • Quality mobile app
  • Drag deals from 1 stage to another
  • All emails are being logged from Google Apps
  • CRM is free


  • It is not integrated on users expectations
  • No link or button that will take users to sales side of contact record
  • There’s lag time
  • No good way in keeping track of who users contacted

When to Use Hubspot

Hubspot software is a great CRM for business because it will be your help in managing your contacts and will be your help to track your deals and leads. Tracking is difficult to do, but if you rely with the software, you get what you want. You can start to use the tool anytime you want because it is free. You also have access to it anywhere you are because mobile application is available.

Hubspot is a good choice in managing contacts and to make sure that you get all your deals. If you do not have to have a hard time in putting your contacts in one or managing your contacts, then Hubspot will help you.

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