IBM Incentive Compensation Management Software Review


Improving the effectiveness and the efficiency of your sales team is an important part of your business. You cannot do this easily, but you are lucky because there are tools online that can help you. You can try IBM incentive compensation management.

Information about the Company: IBM Business Analytics

IBM gives effectiveness and efficiency of sales teams via reporting and automation that drive facts based and informed decisions. It enables your sales management to view all sales reports, key performance and dashboards indicators. It allows you to monitor and track sales teams as well as individual performance. It helps you to manage your sales territory assignments, crediting rules and definitions.

Tools, Features and Description of IBM

IBM allows you to automate process of calculating, administering, analyzing and reporting programs. It will enhance your compensation management through increasing accuracy, improving visibility and reducing costs.

IBM incentive compensation management gives easy to use interface with drag and drop features in order to increase your organizations sales force alignment and agility. You get workflow management as well as audit tracking in supporting incentive compensation management processes like inquiries, splits, adjustments, communication and others. To have efficient ICM, you get dashboards, analytics, modeling and reports. You also experience high scalability and performance across numerous participants, transactions and plans.

IBM is perfect for companies needing guidance and structure designing that effective for leaders and sellers. There are also many solutions that being offered by the company and you surely want to experience it all.

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Pros and Cons of IBM

Knowing the pros and cons of the software is important so that you will know what to expect and what you get. If you know what you get with the tool, you no longer need to worry.


  • Ability to complete whole commission processes, check out intermediate and others
  • Scheduler ability and scheduler allows you connect with other external scheduler with the use of CLI
  • Built-in varicent web security feature
  • Good interface
  • Give detailed reports with great graphics
  • Implementation of the wizards are easy


  • Calculation performance is poor
  • Poor web form performance
  • No data model
  • Working with 3rd parties

When to Use IBM

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your sales team, you need to use IBM incentive compensation management. It will be your help to have a great business online. Everything you need about compensation management, the software will be the one to provide it. Just what you need is to rely on the tool so that you will know how it works.

It is important that you only choose the best incentive compensation management software. You will not worry if you choose IBM because it is proven to deliver the best results. It will be your top-notch help to have a superb compensation management. There is nothing wrong in using online software because it helps you. You need to make sure that you check out the tool before using it.

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