IBM Sales Performance Management Software Review


IBM is integrated consulting and technology company that helps online businesses when it comes to sales performance management. If you are looking for the best software that will improve your sales performance, then choose IBM.

Information about the Company

IBM has headquarters in Armonk, New York and they operate in over 170 countries. The company retains and attracts the most talented individuals in helping customers to solve their problems and to give governments, nonprofits and businesses the best help they need.

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The company sells and develops systems hardware and software and offering broad range of cloud consulting and infrastructure services. As of now, the focus of the company is cloud computing, smart planet, growth markets and business analytics. They are with customers across the globe in applying their company’s business consulting, R&D expertise and technology in building systems that will enable efficient and dynamic organizations, safer food, healthier populations and more.

Tools, Features and Description of IBM

IBM sales performance management software is enabling companies in automating processes for calculating, administering, analyzing and reporting compensation plans. With the SPM solutions of the software, users gain greater visibility and accountability. Users can distribute, plan and manage quotas in order to drive sales behaviors as well as get better sales performance. With it, you can credit assignments and streamline territory. You can also align sales territories with the corporate objectives even though you eliminate overpayments and errors.


  • Incentive compensation management: It will enable organization to streamline the compensation process and to effectively manage their sales resources.
  • Credential management and producer lifecycle: It offers users a great solution for the credential validation and producer administration that features integration with FINRA, DTCC and NIPR.
  • Quota management: It facilitates distribution, administration and planning of sales quotas.
  • Territory management: It helps companies to have better territory definitions, sales crediting rules and territory assignments.
  • Compensation management: Many companies choose IBM because it offers scalable and flexible compensation management solution in order to automate incentive calculations as well as to give online compensation reporting and statements for employees.

IBM software improves sales performance of customers and clients and it gives information as well as tools for user sales reps to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Administrators and managers can take control of operations, have better strategic choices and get rid of surprises. With the performance management system, users can better align their resources, improve agility and drive operational that support their business growth objectives.

Pros and Cons of IBM


  • Improve sales
  • Analyze data
  • Enhance smarter analytics capabilities
  • Unique
  • Helps to streamline administrative process
  • Better manage sales resources
  • Improves performance of sales organization


  • No negative review

When to Use IBM

If you like the software, you can use it as soon as possible. It will be your help to manage your sales resources, analyze data, streamline administrative process and others.

IBM performance management is a great system and will definitely help you. It will increase your sales and manage your team on what they should do. The software will absolutely improve your sales performance.

Get IBM sales performance management software today!