Industry Software

industry specific software onlineIndustry software solutions are software types specifically designed to help businesses outside the realm of IT use the internet and new technology to streamline their business models and increase the efficiency of their processes. Many businesses can’t afford to hire and train an entire staff of professionals to do these IT tasks, so they use industrial software solutions, which allow them to hire on outsiders who are already trained and experienced. Generally, industry software comes with both the software and the people using it, but it is also possible to get software applications on their own, without hiring any personnel. This is particularly true of models for smaller businesses.

Relevant Industries for Vertical Application Software

What industries tend to use industry-specific software? There are broad applications for many types, but these industries are particularly rich in specific software:

  • Construction and estimation
  • Retail and warehousing
  • Medical offices, telemedicine, and other medical industries
  • Legal practices
  • Property management
  • Loan servicing and other financial industries

If you’re in one of these industries, chances are you’ll be able to find a software tailored for your field without too much trouble. However, if you’re in another field and still in need, don’t despair. There will be other applications that can work for you – just think about what you need before you go searching.

Typical Industry Specific Software Price

Price ranges of industry specific software certainly vary based on industry. However, the primary feature that controls price is how much you want out of it. Maybe vertical software applications are subscription-based, as they come with service and personnel. Basic packages can be very cheap or even free. By contrast, more high-end packages with more services will likely cost you more. Some solutions charge by each feature, a model known as “modular”; some, instead, offer set packages with a certain number of features in each. Finally, some allow you to create custom packages, then give you a quote based on that. This takes more time and effort, but can certainly be more cost-effective for you depending upon your needs. Software packages can run from $50 a month for the very low end all the way up to thousands.

Driving Technology of Vertical Solutions

Again, there’s a lot of variation in technology in vertical solutions depending on your industry. However, these are some common tools you can find bundled in software solutions:

  • Billing: Billing tools generally simplify the process of charging clients by allowing you to quickly and easily add information.
  • Case or client management: For those industries which work on a case or client basis, these tools allow for centralized databases of info and easily-accessed facts about the client or case.
  • Scheduling and time tracking: Allowing more nuance than typical scheduling and time tracking software, industry-specific tools for this process let you control assignment and hours.
  • Inventory management: If are in retail or warehousing, inventory management helps you know what you have and when you need to update or send it out.
  • Bid management: If you work in an industry where bidding for services is common, bid management helps you keep it all in order.
  • Field services management: Got employees out in the field? Field services management provides support and assistance for those workers, making it easier for both you and them.

These are, however, only some of the many features you will find in industry specific software. Look for the specific solutions available for your field and you’ll be surprised how many common problems will have a solution.

Choosing Your Industrial Software Solutions

Not sure which of the myriad options you should choose? Consider these questions and you’ll be closer to finding one that works for you.

  • What is my budget?
  • What are my most important needs?
  • What are my wants – things that are optional but which would be nice to have?
  • Will this software be flexible as my business changes and grows?
  • What have other people said about this software?
  • Is there a free trial available?
  • What is the contract for this software like?

Once you’ve decided what you want, search for software based on your most important features. You will then be able to decide what software to choose based on the other questions. It will take a little patience, but you’ll soon have something that works for you.

Best Features of Industry Software

We must once again fall back on generalities for features of industry software. Again, these are only some of the options available depending on your industry, so if you don’t see what you want, don’t despair – do more research.

  • eDiscovery: Electronic discovery software allows users, especially those in the legal or government fields, to discover and deliver electronic records when they are requested. Essentially a document tracking service, eDiscovery software also allows for preservation of metadata such as time stamps.
  • Regulatory compliance: With this type of software, you can check and make sure that you are within regulations. It’s tricky to know everything about the law, but it’s important that you comply, so regulation software is very helpful. This is particularly true in the home health and medical industries.
  • Ticketing and Order Management: These types of tools are most useful for keeping track of orders, requests, and other client-based issues. They are of particular use, therefore, in client-driven industries such as retail. However, doctors, for instance, can use these to order patients for calling in.

Don’t Wait for Industry Software

If you’ve never used industry software before, you might be surprised at how much it really can improve your life and your business. It’s not as hard as you think to get good software applications. All you have to do is a little bit of research and reading software reviews. You’ll soon have a software and a provider that can take your business to the next level. Try it out!

For the industry software that you really need, read these tips and see how easy choosing it can be!