Infusion Soft Review


Infusion software was made for small businesses online having one or more years in the industry. Some of the customers of the company have one up to 25 employees speaking in English operating in different industries. Some businesses using the lead generation software have digital marketing experience.

Information about the Company: Infusion Soft Review

Infusionsoft started in the year 2004 by building custom tool for small businesses. The founders of the company started to know the trends as well as pattern on customer needs after they deal with many business owner individual needs. The company is using multiple systems in managing their marketing and sales.

The company already served more than 10,000 small businesses around the world. The fact is that they have been featured in the Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal and Business Week.

Tools, Features and Description of Infusion

Infusionsoft is perfect for some types of businesses and they are offering marketing and online sales solution. It features marketing automation, lead generation tools, social and email medial tools to convert and engage leads. Its CRM functionality aids their users in streamlining sales, closing deals and attracting leads. It has eCommerce tools that help users with automate fulfillment, get repeat business and online sales. In addition, the software gives personalized services in helping users running and get up.

There are still many things that the software does for your business. It helps your business to:

  • Capture leads: The software helps you to get more leads and you will not miss a single chance to engage with your audiences.
  • Increase conversion rates: You will know who are your customers that have interest in buying your products.
  • Master ecommerce: The software gives seamless shopping experience online that is available 24/7.
  • Manage sales process: You can manage easily your follow-ups.
  • Save time: By using the tool, you can save much of your time and say goodbye to mundane tasks.

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Additional features:

  • Social medial tools
  • Landing pages and web forms
  • Visual campaign builder
  • Web tracking and analytics
  • Email deliverability
  • Precise segmentation
  • Behavior tracking and lead activity
  • Multimedia marketing
  • Task manager and appointment

Pros and Cons of Infusion Soft


  • The software track visitors on your site and inset contact details automatically
  • Handy contact management
  • Easy to navigate
  • Tracks interactions with marketing, ecommerce and sales
  • Consulting services are available


  • The software is not intuitive as other tools

When to Use Infusion Soft

The software is a great contact management tool allowing you to connect with your customer teams as well as track interactions with marketing and sales. It is one of the tools that become a top choice of entrepreneurs and if you also want to try all the features of the software, you can use it anytime you want.

Infusion Soft is business lead generation software that is available on the web. It is perfect for small businesses and has magnificent features that will help you in generating leads, increase your conversion rates and others. Trying the tool is a good option.

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