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Checking all data in one place is not an easy thing and you are lucky because there are sales intelligence software that you can use for your business. To have the business for your company, you can use Insideview.

Information about the Company: Insideview Review

Insideview is a business solution site that promises users to find all business data in one place and to use details across all of their departments. The company is offering business information from many sources.

Today, the company is offering portfolio of products that can be embedded in marketing and sales teams. Users can use it into business applications or stand-alone products via APIs. The company is situated in San Francisco and serving numerous customers in the world. With the market intelligence of the company, it is an essential component of companies leading marketing and sales applications, which include Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP cloud for customer, SugarCRM, Netsuite CRM and Marketo.

Tools, Features and Description of Insideview

Insideview will give you chance to find more leads, increase conversions and reduce costs. Also, your sales department will reduced their research time, improve their data accuracy, CRM adoption, consistency and reduced cost for each opportunity. When it comes to account managements, users can increase their revenue and the service department of your company can increase customer satisfaction.

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Insideview is offering different plans, which include Free Plan that give access on what they call as entry-level company as well as contact intelligence, without or with CRM. Users can use it anytime they want because it does not have any charge. Aside from this, the software offers 3 different premium plans: CRM plus plan that costs $29 for each user monthly. They also have Pro Plan that costs $99 for each user monthly and TEAM plan that costs $99 for each user monthly. However, it requires 5 user minimum and to pay the annual subscription.

Insideview enables companies to engage with their customers and prospects. It also gives them the chance to identify their customers easily. With the software, marketing and sales teams qualify and find their target accounts to close more deals, expand and retain relationships for a long time.


  • Smart alerts
  • Smart prospecting
  • Smart records
  • Smart connection

Pros and Cons of Insideview Technologies


  • Useful software that gives background data on target companies
  • Quality sales conversions
  • Centralized portal for account intelligence
  • Build watch list


  • Contact details for individuals working at certain companies is not reliable

When to Use Insideview

There are many business intelligence trends that you need to know and if you are not aware on it, reading and searching the internet is what you need to do. If you want to be competitive enough and increase your conversions, you need to use Insideview.

Insideview is one of the top-notch business intelligence software you can choose for your business. It makes sure that you get what you want and you will be completely satisfied. You can use the system anytime you want and if you believe that it will help you to the fullest.

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