Insightly Review


In order for businesses to flourish and grow, they need to know the best tools. One of the choices they can have is Insightly. It is a sales pipeline management software and CRM application that is designed for small and medium businesses.

Information about the Company: Insightly Review

The company is created for organizations having one up to 200 employees. Insightly integrated some essential features of CRM platform, which include address books, calendaring, and notifications and file sharing. The company also has project management system using milestones, pipelines and tasks in keeping businesses on track.

The purpose of the company is to give small business ways in building better relationships with users’ customers. It developed project management and CRM system allowing clients in managing organizations, contacts, suppliers and vendors within unified system.

Tools, Features and Description of Insightly

Insightly is a web based solution enabling users in creating strong relationships to their loyal customers in order for them to grow their businesses and maximize their revenue effectively. Using the software streamline all processes to improved productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. The software gives users deep insights on how customer relationships influence sales. With it, many business can increase their sales.

Some of the main Insightly features of the software includes pipeline management, contact management as well as task management in helping users get clear visibility on sales, track deliverables, overview of business, collaboration, improve customer satisfaction, efficiency and productivity.

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The CRM system has Kindle, Android and iOS mobile platform and integrates with popular apps like Gmail, Google Apps, MailChimp, Outlook, office and Evernotes. With the dashboard, it gives real time details via opportunity reports and task dashboard. With the advanced reports, it allows creation of tabular and custom reports. For opportunity reports, it offers details like pipeline, pipeline stage, responsible users, value, close data and more.

Insightly also offers a great project management functionality. When a deal is closed, you can now manage and track follow up project commitments. With the sidebar of the software, it saves emails and gives user access to conversation history.

Pros and Cons of Insightly


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for startup
  • Auto contact creation and Google mail integration is real time saver
  • Adaptable workflows
  • Easy navigation


  • Google sync do not work as advertised
  • Cannot import or export event data
  • Somewhat slow

When to Use Insightly

If you want to manage your contact, business, vendors and other things about customer management, you need to use Insightly. It is a great option and it is being used by many companies. This CRM Insightly will maximize your revenue and grow your business to the fullest.

Insightly is a good system for small businesses because it manages to help them in organizing their contacts. If you want to make strong customer relationship, you can use the software anytime. It also give deep insights about customer relationship that you want to know. If you want file sharing, notifications and address book, you get it with Insightly.

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