InsightSquared Review


Many systems online are helping companies in meeting their goals and needs. If you also need a help when it comes to demand forecasting software, then one of the best choices you can have is InsightSquared. Read this page to get an overview about the company.

Information about the Company: InsightSquared Review

The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that serves many companies across the world. The business intelligence solution gives analytics that is tailored to aid with marketing, sales, support services, staffing and finances.

InsightSquared sales reporting tools allow prediction and performance analysis based in the data and not on the intuition. With them, you can forecast closed deals that are based on win rates of your employees, compare forecasts and identify high opportunity leads. With the pipeline management tools of the company, it allows view of user defined lead progress and pipeline stages. The best thing is that you can also identify efficient representatives for every stage of process for data driven sales coaching.

Tools, Features and Description of InsightSquared

InsightSquared software for marketing tools helps users to analyze campaigns, track sourced conversion rates, leads generated and others. With the finance tools, it integrates with Quickbooks. Another thing you need to know about the software is the staffing analytics that helps HR. Candidate source analysis, placement history and job order management allows user to track prospective hires.

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Insight Squared is a sales reporting application that is implemented as cloud service. It gives large number of sales and being used by medium and small sized organizations. It also gives mobile support through browser-based interface. You love the system because it is compatible with ZenDesk, Bullhorn and Salesforce.

Functionality includes:

  • Sales reps KPI analysis
  • Sales forecasting
  • Marketing campaign analysis
  • Suite of campaign & lead reports
  • Pipeline management
  • Employee activity dashboard
  • Employee scorecards and goal tracking
  • Customer support trend analysis
  • Pipeline trend analysis
  • Customizable reports


  • Business intelligences
  • Analytics
  • Budget and expense tracking
  • Dashboards
  • Coaching tools
  • Cloud platform

Pros and Cons of InsightSquared


  • Insight feed: It offers 6 customizable dashboards giving real time view of essential metrics as well as latest trends like sales cycle warnings, new pipeline opportunities, flagged data errors, employee activities and more.
  • Marketing analytics: It measures progress, report campaigns and others.
  • Sales analytics and reports
  • Staffing analytics
  • Mobile support


  • Long data load times
  • Customizability level is low

When to Use InsightSquared

Sales reporting tools are great choice because it helps you and if you need it badly, then what you need is InsightSquared. The software will be your help and make sure that it will meet your needs. The good thing is that you get the support you need and if you believe that the tool will help you, you need to use the software anytime.

There are numerous InsightSquared competitors on the internet, but not all of them are good choice. The software will be your help because it gives number of sales. Many medium and small companies are using the software and you can also try to see how it works.

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