Intelliverse Review


Intelliverse has the culture, drive and energy level company that is focused on innovation and new technologies. The company has 30 years of experience having solid foundation when it comes to core values.

Information about the Company

Intelliverse company was founded in the year 1984 with goal of giving communication solutions to all businesses. Even though the services as well as the technology changes over the years, the company retain their dedication in giving the best solutions. The company solution is not about technology, but on real business needs of their clients and customers.

Tools, Features and Description of Intelliverse

Intelliverse is a worldwide leader in managed and sales acceleration software system. With the patent pending sales acceleration system, it makes your sales team more effective. The marketing automated and lead generation managed services that enable focus on closing sales by relying on upper funnel activities like lead qualification and appointment setting. The software delivers scalable, flexible and reliable service.

Intelliverse is a sales lead generation service catering B2B companies. It gives phone based and traditional lead generation services like telemarketing and appointment setting. It also manages users email marketing campaigns as well as event promotion. The software is one of the best sales lead generation systems for reporting tasks. It gives personal account manager meeting you in reviewing your campaign. It also has client portal that track calls and its outcomes. The portal operates in real time to make sure all status of your campaigns is up to date.


  • Auto dialing
  • Call recording
  • Call list management
  • Dashboard
  • Campaign management
  • Voice mail
  • Lead scoring

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Pros and Cons of Intelliverse


  • Good reporting and tracking features
  • Web portal allows users to see status of their sales leads
  • Has trial version allowing users to know and test if the system suits their needs
  • Set up is easy because it can be done in few clicks
  • User interface is intuitive
  • Automate call recording


  • Lack online support for sales lead generation service like site design, SEO optimization, social media marketing as well as content creation

When to Use Intelliverse

Intelliverse is a traditional lead generation company focusing on appointment setting and telemarketing campaigns to follow up and find sales leads of business. The company is a good choice for B2B businesses that need telephone based lead generation service. The software is powerful that is packed with features that you need in improving your productivity and sales efficiency, local presence, CRM integration, sales motivator, reporting & analytics, inbound technology and others.

Intelliverse is one of the best options you can choose for your business. It is a powerful sales acceleration system that you can rely anytime you want. Many companies are using the software and if you want to try, you can. There is a free trial available in knowing and testing if the system is perfect for you. With it, you will know if the software suits your needs. If you want to increase your sales and productivity, use Intelliverse.

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