Intuit Quickbase Review


If you are frustrated because you always rely on databases and local spreadsheets, then it is a problem, but you are lucky because Intuit Quickbase software is there to help you. This lead tracking software will be your help in reducing you dependence on restricted databases.

Information about the Company: Intuit Quickbase Review

Quickbase is a database platform and cloud-based application that reduces your dependence on restricted databases and local spreadsheets. The tool provides your staff the tools in managing and creating data apps. It allows your staff to make databases without any extensive training.

Tools, Features and Description of Quickbase Database

The software automates and integrates everything. When users set up forms, reports and table, everything will be generated to them. The best thing is that the software allows you to add custom on your reports and forms if it is needed.

There are different versions of services that are available. You can start with Quickbase Essential for $15 for each user, each month with minimum of ten users. This is the limited version of the tool that allows you 10 apps, single homepage interface and 1 customizable form for each table. You can also choose Quickbase Premier for $25 for each user, each month with minimum of 20 users and wide range of features, which include cross app integration, customizable user rules and much more. For larger enterprise, they can choose Quickbase platform for $40 for each user, each month.

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Quickbase aims to make app easy giving numerous help as well as guidance in getting started. It helps you to complete a task from start to finish. Some of the available apps from Intuit and from third party developers include contact managers, project management tools; support ticketing, CRM helpdesk tools and asset tracking. The software provides people the power to complete projects. For managers that have numerous tasks, this intuitive software will save their time. Quickbase is a cloud based task management tool allowing users to complete their tasks. Users have the chance to customize their platform in order to accommodate workflow.


  • Ready to use business apps
  • Reporting tools
  • Dashboards
  • Team collaboration and management
  • Process and workflow automation
  • Customizable business app

Pros and Cons of Quickbase


  • Easily used by staff without extensive training
  • Gives great connectivity


  • Expensive

When to Use Intuit Quickbase

You can use the software to lessen your time in completing projects. It is also a good tool to use to reduce your dependence in using restricted databases and local spreadsheets. It is your help to get started anytime you want and the good thing is that it does not require any extensive training to staff and users.

There you have the details you need to know about Intuit Quickbase. It will be your help to have a successful business online and whenever you are having a hard time to get started, you can use the software because it will help you to the fullest. You can use the software anytime you want or whenever you need it.

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