Jumplead Review


Lead generation is important for a business online because it will be their help to many things, which include making landing pages and much more. If you want the best lead generation software you can rely on, you can choose Jumplead.

Information about the Company: Jumplead Review

Jumplead is a marketing automation that is web based assistant marketers in making landing pages, email marketing, lead management and contact management. This software is perfect for midsize and small businesses.

Tools, Features and Description of Jumplead

Jumplead is easy to use lead generation software that analyses the traffic of user’s site as well as gives business contact details to visitors. The best thing is that it comes with team based lead management collaboration tools ensuring users to have real time leads. Jumplead is at the same time a marketing platform using automation events in delivering personalized marketing. In fact, prospects are nurtured and converted with the use of landing pages, email marketing campaigns and lead capture forms.

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Jumplead is an automation tool assisting users with lead generation and tracking, email marketing, analytics, automation and relation management for sites. There are many features of the software that you want to know and here are some:

  • Contact management: This feature enables users to nurture, score and segment leads that are based on real time activity on their site. Also, it allows users to make conversion forms that drives lead generation by sending notifications and automated emails.
  • Email marketing: This feature enables companies to run their customized email campaigns in nurturing leads. It also allows marketers in tracking their rates for email opened unsubscribe rates and bounce rates.
  • Campaign reporting: This feature summarizes the performance of email campaign by tracking lead activities that is connected to email campaigns.
  • Live chat feature: It allows users to chat with site visitors as well as to answer their queries.
  • See where customers originated on both users site’s pages and world map.
  • Tag customers automatically based on what they have seen on users website
  • Chat with customers in helping prompt sales
  • Gather social profiles automatically in knowing more leads

Pros and Cons of Jumplead


  • Know the location of your customers
  • Dashboard
  • Send automated emails
  • Real time integration
  • Sales team collaboration
  • Targeted sales leads
  • Social media enables


  • There is no negative interview

When to Use Jumplead

If you want to help yourself make landing pages, track leads and other essential things you need for your business that is related to lead generation, you can use Jumplead. It is a great software lead generation that easy to use. Also, it allows companies to easily run their campaigns in order to get more leads.

Choosing Jumplead is a good option because it is one of the leading tools you can always depend on. It is a great tool for your business that will help you with contact management, email marketing and lead generation. It is also your help to know the location of your customers, chat with customers and tag customers.

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