Kayako Review


Knowing Kayako is a good thing because it helps you. If you want to know more information about it, this review will help you. You are lucky because you get to know about the software that can help your company or business.

Information about the Company: Kayako Review

Kayako is not just a company because it offers a lot to its users. If you are looking for customer support, then the software is what you need. The company will be your help to deliver a great support to external and internal customers.

Tools, Features and Description of Kayako

Any business will surely benefit from Kayako help desk because it enables users to deliver multi-channel support to external and internal customers. It is your help to manage your support requests, live chats at the same time customer email. It will help your customers to discover their solutions.

Kayako is one of the best help desk software out there that you can check out. It integrates tickets, email, live chats, self-service, calls as well as remote desktop support. Also, you can empower your team to use the software to tackle job. Some of the features of the tool include:

  • Full features live chat
  • Support ticketing with great email integration
  • Real time visitor tracking
  • Great self-service portal
  • Recording and phone call racking
  • Great ticket workflows, automations and rules
  • Customizable chats, customers and tickets
  • Multiple plan support
  • Enhance organization and customer profiles
  • Resolution and ticket reply deadline management
  • Automatic escalation rules in preventing unaddressed customer querie
  • Set business hours to have accurate performance tracking
  • Mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, windows and iOS
  • Custom reports

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Pros and Cons of Kayako Software


  • The ticketing system is easy to use
  • The ticket tracking system for the support techs in assigning and monitoring tickets is easy to use
  • It has great knowledge base
  • Make an easy interface in answering tickets
  • Allows user to organize well in creating reports
  • Users can customize support ticket issues


  • Users have not found a good way in getting numbers of most searched tags
  • Outdated compare to other software
  • The system is hard to manage from admin

When to Use the Kayako

If you are having a difficult time to manage your support ticket or you cannot organize it well, you can use Kayako. The software is proven to help your business or company and it make sure that everything you need will be given. If you want to deliver multi-channel support, then Kayako is what you need.

Kayako is a good help desk ticketing software for everyone because it has many features that perfect for them. There are many things that you get with it giving you full satisfaction. Users get multi-support, customize workflows, and much more. If you want to know more about the software, you can check its website. Many people are using the tool and you can also try it. There is nothing wrong in trying the software because it is proven to give the best help and solutions.

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