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Kitedesk is a software that excels at management and lead generation. They are offering innovation solutions for data and sales intelligence. If you want to work with the system, be sure that you check out the site for more details.

Information about the Company: Kitedesk Review

Kitedesk was founded in the year 2011 in Tampa, Florida. The company develops automated prospecting system for B2B sales. They are using data from different sources, which include internet databases, CRMs and social network. The company helps users sales force to engage with prospects effectively.

Kitedesk excels at management and lead generation. They are offering innovation solutions for data and software that make sure they help users to keep their pipeline. With the integration of the company to social media networks, company existing data and date sets, all the leads that retrieved by the company is profiled.

Tools, Features and Description of Kitedesk Salesplatform

Kitedesk provides single interface solution to manage outbound sales team that allows team to track, research as well as engage leads within the system that saves their valuable time. The software gives smart sales prospecting tools for the growth of businesses. It is the first company for lead generation software combining Chrome Extension, on-demand prospecting toolbar, clickable Kite icons and web app. It helps sales people to decrease their time spent in generating qualified leads.


  • Powerful lead managements
  • Lead builder
  • Advanced connection scoring
  • Leads database
  • ICP ideal customer profile
  • LinkedIn toolbar
  • Web app
  • Chrome integration
  • Search data segmentation
  • Lead gen reporting

Kitedesk is sales prospecting system helping sales professionals in improving their lead generation. With the use of the software FIND, you can begin to build high visual ideal customer profiles with complete hyper-targeted options. From it, you can build lead lists as well as work with prospects from the software with verified direct dials, emails, path and social profiles.

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Pros and Cons of Kitedesk


  • Makes prospecting fast: The software makes sure to speed up your prospecting. It also reduces administrative tasks and ensures that sales prospecting will be more productive.
  • Gives highly qualified leads: The system scans social networks in checking common contacts of clients and employees.
  • Helps users focus on the profitable customers: It maximizes profits and identifies customers that are based on company name, location, company size, seniority, title, name and others.


  • User interface need some improvement

When to Use Kitedesk

If you want to rely on competitive sales software that does everything for your business, you need to start using Kitedesk. It is one of the best sales generating tools that help you in getting qualified leads. It offers you the best help for data and software.

There you have the information that you should know about the company. It is a good choice and many companies are using it. If you want it, but want to know more details, there are numerous reviews online that you can check out.

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