Leadzgen Review


Getting real time visibility is important for your website and if you want to have it, you might want to try Leadzgen. It is one of the leading tools when it comes to prospect management software. You can try it anytime you want.

Information about the Company

Leadzgen provides real time visibility for users who are visiting their site. It will be the one to tell about visit duration, what pages they are visiting, what services or products they looking for as well as give their complete contact information such as company, name, geography, phone, email and others.

The fact is that over 20,000 companies from more than 50 industries are using Leadzgen in generating qualified sales leads per day. The focus of the company is to give management and lead generation software to midsized and small businesses. When it comes to cloud based solution of Leadzgen, it covers the full range of business requirements, which include prospects tracking, lead generation, sales automation, lead management, marketing intelligence, conversion tracking and others.

Tools, Features and Description of Leadzgen

With Leadzgen, their members can take their sales to next level. If you also want to feel the same, you need to sign up and when you are done, you can begin to generate leads for your site. The company is always ready to help thousands of sales companies.

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Leadzgen is one of the user-friendly and powerful tools for lead generation that is available in the market. With it, it enhances ROI of users marketing automation efforts. Leadzgen will be your help to reveal all the companies that visits your site with the use of the proprietary identification technology. It will be your help to increase your leads. With it, you receive contact information and in-depth company, find the leads based on the visitor engagement and connect with prospects.


  • Lead identification
  • Lead tracking
  • Sales intelligence
  • Conversion tracking
  • Lead management

Pros and Cons of Leadzgen


  • The software is easy to use
  • The software is easy to set up
  • There is free trial
  • The tool was designed for different user base
  • Web analytics tools are designed to give metrics like unique visitors, length of stay, bounce rates in helping marketers optimize their site content


  • Do not have an instant alert feature

When to Use Leadzgen

If you want to generate leads effectively, you need to rely on software that is effective and superb in giving the information and leads that you need. You can choose Leadzgen anytime you want. The good thing is that it has a free trial that you can try so that you will know how it works.

If you want to know how Leadzgen works, then you need to check it out. There are many companies and websites that using it and if you want to experience what they get, and then you can start to use the software as soon as possible. You will know that it gives you qualified leads that you need for a long time in your site.

Choose Leadzgen software today!