Livezilla Review


Having an online chat software enabling you to connect with your site is a good thing because you can monitor your visitors and to chat with them. One of the systems you can check out is LiveZilla. Here is a review on it!

Information about the Company: LiveZilla Review

LiveZilla is a desktop client application that allows users to monitor their site and their visitors. With it, you can chat with employees, friends, partners and other operators and the good thing is that it can be customized that will surely meet the needs of your users.

Tools, Features and Description of LiveZilla

One of the advantages of the software is that it can run your live support server and it surely help you because you can save lots of money. When it comes to installation, it is easy and fast. Also, its server admin contains link generator that makes individuals satisfied.

One more thing you must know about LiveZilla is that it has branding and customization. You can use your own banners and logos in attracting visitors’ attention. Some of the features of LiveZilla when it comes to helpdesk software is that it is powerful, flexible and easy to use. You can monitor your visitors in real time.

  • Live chats: You can use the live help or live chats in getting in touch with your site visitors. You can ask your visitors whether they have questions or any inquiries to help them be satisfied.
  • Ticket system and help desk: The software has great contact platform that you can use. Even though you are offline, your visitors can leave message whenever they want to communicate with you or they have questions.
  • Real time visitor monitoring: This feature will enable you to see instantly who is in your site. You can check out who referred your visitors, where they are, what keywords they used and much more.
  • Mobile access: LiveZilla is available in some devices, which includes iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Desktop and Windows 7 and 8.

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Pros and Cons of LiveZilla


  • Easy to configure and install
  • Help you to connect with your customers
  • Great online support system
  • Magnificent utility with good interface


  • Some features is a little bit to use

When to Use LiveZilla

For companies and businesses who want to connect with their customers and visitors, then LiveZilla live chat is perfect for you. There are many things that you can with it since it is loaded with great features. You can try it anytime you want. If you still do not have live help or live chat to use in your website, you should not miss to have LiveZilla. It is one-of-a-kind software that will be your help to communicate or get in touch with your customers and visitors anytime.

You can try LiveZilla to see how it works. Many people have tried and tested it. You can also be one of them and reap all the benefits that it offers. You will be satisfied and contented with what you get since it proven to be the best.

Use this LiveZilla review and pick up the best!