Marketing Automation Software

marketing software 2016Marketing automations software exists to make the repetitive tasks of marketing and analyze the results of marketing efforts easier. There are many marketing tasks these days which can easily be performed with software, such as digital campaigns and analytics. These tasks can be easily automated to make your life easier.

Do You Need Online Marketing Software?

Since it’s a significant outlay of time and/or money, you should ask yourself if you need online marketing software. Here are some industries that particularly need it:

  • Retail
  • Marketing, of course
  • Image management
  • Any business primarily located online

These are the most crucial businesses, but what you need to ask yourself is whether you regularly engage in marketing activities, or whether you should be. Do you have a product or service which you need to sell to many clients? If so, marketing automation may be able to pick up your business for you with only a little bit of extra time.

How Much You’ll Pay for Marketing Software

Price points for marketing software can vary. Typical models include by number of contacts in your CRM, by number of emails sent per month, and by number of unique active connections per month. You may incur additional fees based on CRM integration, implementation, training, and add-ons. Many companies offer packages with changing prices based on the number of features that you need. The actual prices themselves can range from a two hundred dollars a month for basic features to over a thousand per month for complex tools – it simply depends on how fully-featured and robust you need your software to be.

The Tech of Marketing Automation

How does marketing automation work? You’ll see with this overview of the basic types.

  • B2B: B2B automation stands for business to business and involves selling to other businesses rather than directly to customers. It focuses on building a relationship with your client, since you have higher price points and fewer buyers. It’s “nurturing” software that allows education and longer sales cycles.
  • B2C: By contrast, B2C marketing involves selling to customers and thus involves a shorter sales cycle and less personal interaction. E-commerce factors like bulk email delivery play a more direct part in the needs of this type of software. Engagement is done on a shorter, more intense basis.
  • Inbound: Inbound marketing is primarily concerned with finding new connections and leads. Publishing education, raising awareness, SEO optimization, and other discovery-focused tools make up the core of inbound marketing.
  • Outbound: Outbound marketing is concerned with funneling people through to purchase. Calls to action, cart abandonment rates, and other such tools are the most relevant. The goal is deepening the relationship with the customer until they are ready for a sale.
  • SBM and Midmarket: The software options for small business and midmarket are considerably larger than they were. Generally, these types of software don’t require specialized knowledge, but still allow relatively powerful integration.
  • Enterprise: By contrast, enterprise marketing software is more expensive, more full-featured, and may require training. This allows it to meet the needs of the larger customers.
  • CRM integration: Customer relations management has an important role to play in marketing automation. Many software types offer CRM integration packaged right into their marketing software. Keep an eye out for these if you use CRM as they can simplify your process. Also check out whether it’s automatic or manual mapping or syncing.

Choosing Your Internet Marketing Software Provider

How can you choose the right internet marketing software provider? Our suggestion is to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I need?
  • What can I afford?
  • What pricing model works best for me?
  • What are my end goals?
  • What is the reputation of the company I’m considering like?
  • Can this software grow as my business does?
  • Is there a contract, and what is it like?

These are simple questions which you should set out to answer before making a decision. It’s difficult to know what you want until you know what your end goal and needs are, so establish those first.

Features of the Best Marketing Software

What features do you need from your marketing software? Think about these possibilities and see what the potential options offer on each front.

  • CRM Integration: Automatic CRM management can be a major boon to your business, so check out if the software you’re considering can support such features. You might not even need separate CRM software.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is particularly helpful for online campaigns targeting the younger crowed. However, all ages use social media, so it’s a sound investment.
  • Web Conferencing: If you’re working in a lot of different places, as is common nowadays, web conferencing is of great help. Connect with others from wherever you are and work collaboratively.
  • Mobile support: Increasing numbers of managers and employees both are working on their mobile devices. Can the software you’re considering support mobile use, and how secure is it?
  • Segmentation: This allows for much more specificity in segmenting off your customer types, like particular visitors who haven’t clicked anything in the last seven days.
  • Workflow automation: With this feature you can automate every stage of efficiency support for your internal marketing process.
  • Predictive analysis: This can help you predict future business based on the facts of the past. It is particularly crucial for running large, long-term marketing campaigns.

Get Internet Marketing Software to Ease Your Heart

With the right software, internet marketing can be so much less stressful. You’ll easily be able to run campaigns and collect data, then analyze that data with a few clicks. What more could you want? Although you’ll have to do some research and read many software tips, the effort will be worth it. Make the step of investing in marketing software and see how it can help you.

Marketing automation software can improve your life, so don’t wait – read these tips now for the best ideas!