Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great choice because it has numerous features that you can check out. It is one of the leading sales manager software that will help you in meeting your needs. If you want to know more details about it, read this page.

Information about the Company: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review

In 2003, Microsoft Dynamics was introduced and they are being recognized as one of the market leader awards in small business CRM suite, sales force automation, midmarket CRM suite and enterprise CRM suite. The company is offering solutions for different industries like financial services, government, retail, health care, education, professional services and manufacturing.

The company is the number one choice of companies because of their ability to integrate with Office and other programs. The goals of them is to enable businesses and companies to become customer centric as well as keeping track of their accounts. The company aims to help many companies by offering solution in customer care, sales, social, technology and marketing.

Tools, Features and Description of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud

Dynamics CRM is offering sales force automation, social listening & engagement, marketing planning & automation, analytics and customer service. The software was developed to work with SharePoint, office 365, Cortana Analytics, Windows, Azure, PowerBI, Skype and Yammer. The CRM gives browser –based, role tailored design, advanced user personalization and more.

The software also utilizes the Windows Workflow Foundation in giving robust engine for the automation of business process. With it, users can implement the automation process, whether it is complex or simple. The system is offered on-premise and cloud. It operates on .NET framework that allows developers in integrating other apps with the use of web services. The good thing is that it can be accessed via Windows, Android and iPhone mobile devices. The software is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools platforms was created in giving companies what they want to market smarter, sell productively and effectively. They have solutions offering many features, which include productivity, business intelligence and social insights. When it comes to the CRM online architecture of the software, it gives customers a complete autonomy on how they manage, operate, secure and configure their CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features:

  • Campaign planning & execution
  • Customer segmentation
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Data extraction & cleansing
  • Opportunity and lead management
  • Sales or marketing collaboration tools
  • Sales literature management
  • Others

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Dynamics


  • Updated interface
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Good online support
  • Organized data management
  • Great uptime guarantee
  • Offline access
  • Multiple dashboards


  • Limits to find 3rd party solutions
  • Expensive
  • Hard to find trial
  • Steep learning curve

When to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you want to work with a software having attractive interface, many automation features and great reporting tools, you can use Microsoft Dynamics anytime you want. It will be your help to ensure that you able to manage your CRM.

You can use Microsoft Dynamics anytime you want. Working with the software guarantees that you have the best results you are wanting.

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