Onlinechatcenters Review


Interaction is essential for business so that you can communicate with your customers. You cannot do this if you do not have a live chat or chat center in your website. If you still do not have it, you might want to have Online Chat Centers. This software is one of the choices of website owners because they believe that it helps them a lot. If you want to know more about it to ensure that it is the perfect tool for your website, here is a good review you should know.

Information about the Company: Onlinechatcenters

OCC or online chat centers is an awesome live chat software for website that is aimed in adding interaction. Motava who established the software offer it for free. The free version of the tool has all the basic features that you need in online chatting.

Tools, Features and Description of Online Chat Centers Software

OCC has two versions, which is the free and premium version. For the free version, you have all the basic features and for the premium version, you get it for only $48 every year. If you avail with the premium version, you get advanced reporting and some additional features. If you want to use OCC, you need to have an account. The time your account is complete as well as verified, then you can start to set it up. The good thing is that the software gives an easy set up wizard to get started. Bear in mind that there are steps you need to follow and checking the tool is essential.

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Pros and Cons of Online Chat Centers


  • Easy to use: Users will not need to do many things to start using the tool.
  • Convenient: Anytime you need the software, you can use it.
  • Free version: The free version contains all the necessary basic features that is needed for live chat.
  • Chatting: Chatting with visitors is so easy, wherein you can talk with them anytime and anywhere you are


  • Need to have an account to use the software

When to Use OCC

You can use anytime the chat software and you are assured that you will be satisfied with what you get. Many individuals and businesses already installed the software and they are all contented. If you do not have a great live chat that allows you to connect with your customers, this is the time you need to use the tool. You can use OCC anytime to connect with your customers.

Online chat center software is a good choice for your business. Since it is free, you do not need to invest money just to make your website exceptional. The free version has all the basic features that you need for online chatting. If you want to have more, then you use get the premium version. OCC is a nice option because it helps you. It makes sure that you can connect and get in touch with your visitors anytime.

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