Onstream Meeting Review


It is important to rely on online meeting software that will help you to collaborate and get connected with important people. If you are looking for stream conference service online that is easy to use and it is cost effective, then Onstream meeting is what you need.

Information about the Company: Onstream Meeting

Onstream meeting is cloud based service online allowing users to hold meetings anywhere and anytime with no scheduling being required. Whether you are meeting attendee or session organizer, the software will help you in collaborating.

Tools, Features and Description of Onstream Meeting

The software is perfect for internal gathering, external gatherings, impromptu discussions, negotiations, daily collaboration, training sessions and demos. You can use it in making sales call, product demo, facilitate board meeting and hold internal meetings. With it, you can improve your productivity and you can use it in sharing confidential documents.

Some of the features of the software includes:

  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Live audio and video streaming
  • Messaging and chat
  • Account center
  • Whiteboard
  • Customizable user interfaces
  • Participants list and rights management
  • Real time polling
  • Recording and archiving
  • Android and iOS support

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Pros and Cons of Onstream Meeting


  • Ease of use: The tool is easy to use and perfect for participants and hosts. The intuitive and simple interfaces make conducting meeting so easy.
  • Accessible: The meeting allows you in sharing video clips, documents, webcam as well as whiteboard to your participants.
  • Cost effective: You make create many meetings as much as you want with low monthly rate regardless of the frequency and duration.
  • Secure: The sessions include 128-bit encryption and there are additional features like password protection and participant links.
  • Cloud-based: Easy to manage and set up meetings in cloud. There is no software or hard pre-installation, configuration or training required.
  • Perfect for larger organizations: With the software, you can host meetings up to 1,000 individuals and it gives users many ways in making themselves heard. There are also automated follow-up emails after meeting that will help you to stay connected with attendees.
  • Intuitive user interface: Users will not have a long time in learning how to use the tool. Most of the controls are being listed on top of the screen. You can find drawing tools, file sharing options and polling.
  • Audience participation: It gives you the chance to make poll questions during your meeting, which is a good way in getting feedback from your audiences. You can make questions before or during the meeting.
  • Share files with others: Transferring files from other participants is easy with Onstream meeting.
  • Advanced recording tools: You have the chance to edit videos and highlight essential parts of your meeting.


  • Basic customization only: The tool does not give users an option in uploading their company logo or to make custom URL

When to Use Onstream Meeting

If you want to host a meeting up to 1,000 people, you can use the software. It helps you to collaborate, interact and get connected with your participants anytime and anywhere you are.

Onstream meeting is a one of a kind software available online that you can use. You can try it to seek how it works.

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