Oracle Review


If you are looking for ERP and CRM software that is perfect for your company and be good for sales enablement, you can have Oracle. It is one of the largest company around the world. With them, you are assured to become successful and get what you want.

Information about the Company: Oracle Review

Oracle is the number one company when it comes to ERP and CRM software providers around the world. Ed Oates, Bob Miner and Larry Ellison founded the company in the year 1977. The CRM software is user friendly and make sure to satisfy its customers.

The company has more than 14 years of experience and they have around five million live users.

Tools, Features and Description of Oracle: Oracle Database Overview

Oracle CRM On-Demand is user friendly for your company that directs your sales as well as gives client support in single focus. The On-Demand CRM can be integrated with web self-service, marketing automation and other applications for great customer management.

The software is offering embedded analytics that allows real time and quick access to reporting tools. Also, it gives functionality for your business, whether you track weekly deliveries or management database of your former buyers for auto dealership. The good thing with the software is that you can customize it in meeting your needs for your business.

Oracle CRM will increase your sales productivity and the results by giving your company comprehensive tools in optimizing the whole sales processes from opportunity management up to initial lead qualification through deal closure and forecasting. The software also gives critical details to users involving sales process, field sales, inside sales, partners and sales management. The embedded historical analytics and real time reporting give insight to users in helping them to make a better decision.

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Marketing: If you are marketing professional or member of generation team, the software gives organizations with simple, integrated and smart solution for managing your activities and marketing campaigns. It gives full capabilities in automating complete marketing process from outbound and inbound campaigns through lead nurturing and lead management.

Service: The service of the company enables companies to give quick, consistent and accurate service to customer that drives both organizational profitability and customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Oracle


  • Easy to navigate interface: The interface is simple and it lets you easily do what you want.
  • Robust reporting capabilities: It has more than 40 pre-built reports that cover sales effectiveness, pipeline analytics, usage tracking and customer service marketing.
  • Maximize efficiency: Manage opportunities with sales process coach.
  • Offline data access: It has offline client access so that you can continue work on your CRM system.


  • Lacks 3rd party plug in solutions

When to Use Oracle

When it comes to Oracle sales management, it is superb and if you want to experience it, you can try the software anytime you want.

You can also check out Oracle CRM modules for more details. If you want to use the software, checking out the site is one of the things you need to do.

Use this Oracle review and select the best software!