Orgchartplus Review


A chart is important for a company and if you want to make sure that you record all formal company’s structures, what you need is Orgchartplus. It is one of the best choices you can have for your company that will help you to stay organized with great sales acceleration platform.

Information about the Company

Orgchart Plus integrates with Salesforce in recording formal company’s structures and mapping out non-formal relationships. With it, users are allowed to add charts in their accounts as well as opportunities. You can map non-formal relationships and formal reporting between your sales team, contact and competition to develop winning plans for your sales.

Tools, Features and Description of Org Chart Plus

The organization software enables you to record key characteristics of your relationships and contacts existing between your clients, competition and sales team. You can build contact strategy driving account development plans as well as sales opportunities.

The software is your best help in determining how to influence decision in buying services or products. It is fully customizable that allows you displaying custom fields, use of corporate language as well as color-coding. The system requires a modern web browser and IE8 is not being supported.

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Orgchartplus is a software combining ease of use and high value. It gives high visibility into companies with molecule view and org chart view allowing users in identifying line. With its integration with the Salesforce, it makes visibility across the entire company that allows numerous persons in building organizational chart as well as identifying relationship channels. The good thing with the system is that it can turn contacts to detailed players in your organization that allows users to identify opinion, relationship strength, connections and influence.

Pros and Cons of Orgchartplus

The pros and cons of software are important to know because you know what you get and what you cannot get. It is your help to make a decision whether the tool is a good choice or not. Here are the pros and cons of the system.


  • Fully customization
  • Build contact strategy
  • Determine how to buy services or products


  • Some web browser is not being supported

When to Use Orgchartplus

You can use the software in maximizing the utility of your contacts with the Salesforce. It will increase the visibility and the chart gives invaluable and supply tangible relationship data as well as organizational structure. If you want to maximize the results, you need to choose the software as soon as possible. If you want to know what you will get with the system, then you need to use it. It is a great organizational chart of a company software that must try.

Orgchartplus gives everything that you need. You no longer need to worry in organizing your contact, recording formal organizational structures and much more. It also allows you in building organizational chart and identifying relationship channels that you can use for your company. The software is good to use and it will be your best help.

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