Pipedrive Review


If you are seeking for customer relationship management software that is easy to set up, downright intuitive and easy to understand, then Pipedrive CRM is the best tool for you. To know more information about the software, read this page!

Information about the Company: Pipedrive Review

Pipedrive is offering an intuitive interface that is easy to use and you can run it quickly. The tool is has helpful visual cues that will be your help in deciding what will be your nest steps. Even though the visual appeal of the software is top notch, it has magnificent functionality.

Tools, Features and Description of Pipedrive

For pricing, the software is affordable and it offers 3 tiers. The silver tier cost $12 for each user every month, which include 2GB of storage for every user, smart email, API access, native integrations and full sales management. It has also help support via email, phone and chat. When it comes to gold tier, it cost $25 for every user monthly with 2 way full email sync and 5GB storage for each user. For platinum tier, it cost $75 for every users monthly giving enterprises an option having 100 GB storage for each user as well as dedicated hosting with great advanced security features.

Pipedrive received an award as great user experience in 2016. It is loved by medium and small sized teams around the world. The software is simple at the same time effective pipeline management tool as well as CRM. With it, the software will be the one to organize your business leads that give overview about your sales and allowing users to focus on deals they want to prioritize. By using the software, your company will have user friendly and efficient overview of sales pipeline. Pipedrive acts as users’ sales manager helping them to pick the right details and activities.

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  • Drag & drop editing: Users can easily move clients to new stage in their pipeline in just simple click & drag.
  • Pipeline view, timeline view, list view and others: Users can choose what view they want that is best for their needs.
  • Filters: The filters allow users to narrow their view to parameters. Searched by most lucrative proposals, newest leads, opportunities with nearest deadline and others
  • Sales reporting: Check out activity metrics for sales team.
  • Custom fields: Create pipedrive look that is perfect for your business. Add, reorder and rename new stages in workflow.

Pros and Cons of Pipedrive


  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy set up
  • Helpful guidance
  • Solid mobile apps


  • Limited functionality for the price

 When to Use Pipedrive

The software is offering many ways in tracking activities and deals and it has superb built-in features that is best for your business to win the competition. If you want to manage your business effectively, you can use Pipedrive.

It is not easy to choose the best CRM software online because you have many choices. You need to read each review of the tool to know if it is the best or not, but with Pipedrive software, you get what you want.

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