Pipeline Deals Review


Managing your contacts is not easy and tracking leads is not also easy. If you want to have an easy task in managing, Pipeline CRM will be your best sales funnel software. It gives the best deals you are looking for. Read this page for more details.

Information about the Company: Pipeline Deals Review

Pipelinedeals allows users in managing their contacts, track leads and qualify leads in cloud-based program. The software gives both CRM and sales engagement that gives daily snapshot on pipelines, 3D charts and real time status updates.

With it, users gain access to some pages containing all activities, documents, events and people that is related to single deal. Regardless, the system is being used by 17,000 sales people and it is accessible from desktop, mobile device or laptop.

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Tools, Features and Description of PipelineDeals

The software sends trackable emails in order for users to know when someone downloads an attachment, clicks a link or opens a message. For sales associates, they can import existing data from other spreadsheets while the software scans for repeated data.


  • Simple and effective: PipelineDeals is a popular CRM online application. The best thing is that it is not a complicated option because it gives powerful platform allowing users to perform better.
  • User friendly and intuitive: The software is a good partner for organizations and businesses that make long lasting customer relationships at the same time staying on top in offering business operations, delegating tasks, managing team members, marketing campaigns and monitoring sales.
  • Sales pipeline software: It is user friendly and powerful software. It gives total customization for users. It allows the team to be focus on sales by managing and organizing sales pipeline.
  • Calendar and tasks: The software is 2 way synced with Google integrated tasks and Google calendar. It helps users with meetings, assigned duties and appointment for sales team.
  • Mobile access: It is compatible for Android and iPhone applications that are free to use. Users can record their client activity, update deals, manage agendas and track activities.
  • Team collaboration: It increase teamwork and get rid of redundant efforts.
  • Sales analytics: It offers customizable, flexible, strong and exportable to .csv or .pdf. The software keeps full history of each customer interaction and make sure to deliver goal setting, reporting capabilities and forecasting.

Pros and Cons of PipelineDeals


  • Tracks leads
  • Put business relationship in one place
  • Customize lead status
  • Delegate leads
  • Drag and drop tool


  • There is no negative review

When to use PipelineDeals

You can use pipeliner CRM to meet your wants and needs for your business. It will be your help in managing your contacts and make sure it will be organized. You can use it anytime and anywhere you are. The best thing is that it supports mobile application that you use in checking out contacts.

There you have the details about PipelineDeals that you must know. Working with the software is a good choice because it guarantees that you able to get what you need.

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