Plaxo Review


Getting connected or in touch with your clients or people around you is important. If you have a business, but you do not have a contact management software, then it is a big problem. You can use Plaxo for your business.

Information about the Company: Plaxo Review

Plaxo helps people to be connected by solving frustrating and common problem of outdated contact information. If you use the tool, you can store contacts on the server of Plaxo. Since contacts are being stored in central location, it is possible to list all your connections and have an access on it on address book anywhere.

As of now, Plaxo is one of the leading address books available on the web. With it, you can store more than 50 million address books having 3.7 billion contacts. The software was developed by Napster and its co-founder Sean Parket. It is a free contact manage that can be downloaded. It has handy dashboard for updating and managing your contact. When it comes to installation, it has three processes that you need to follow.

Tools, Features and Description of Plaxo

All of your contacts will be in one place because Plaxo gives the best way in unifying your address books. You can import contacts in just one address book, remove duplicates and identify. The good thing is that you can access it anywhere and anytime you want. In addition, you can take control of your address book contacts. All your contacts are secured and safely stored in the cloud.

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Plaxo contact software is a good choice because it has numerous features that you can have. Here are some of the features of the tool that you will get the time that you rely with the software.

  • Consolidate contacts coming from leading services online
  • Receive automatic updates from user contacts who are also member of Plaxo
  • Receive event and birthday reminders
  • Remove duplicate contacts to unify and clean up fragmented information
  • Recover lost and back up contacts
  • Secure cloud storage

Pros and Cons of Plaxo


  • Good interface
  • Strong support
  • Free
  • Big company backing
  • Back up contacts


  • Hard to use by start-ups

When to Use Plaxo

You can use Plaxo anytime and anywhere you are since it can be accessible online and on mobile devices. You can check out and list your contacts by using it. The good thing is that you have back up that means you still have another copy whenever you lost your contacts. Plaxo is for free and you can use it anytime without paying.

You can try to use Plaxo if you are curious on how it works. Since it is free, you do not need to pay anything. The good thing is that you can try it first because you completely rely with it. Knowing what it can give to you and what you experience is important that is why if you want the software, test it before you use.

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