Posim PoS Review


Nowadays, cashier software is of the needed solution for businesses. One of the choices you can choose is POSIM PoS. It is an inventory management and point of sales system with numerous add on integrations.

Information about the Company

POSIM software is allowing users to choose different extensions and add on integrations that suit to their business needs. Since the system is fully customizable suited, it integrates with Magento in managing merchandise levels between brick mortar and online locations. For retailers, they can make sales as well as maintain their shelves using iPOSIM mobile application for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Tools, Features and Description of POSIM

When it comes to retailers, they have the chance to conduct in-store activities, which include reward programs, gift card as well as customer information management. The software also includes email marketing integrations utilizing purchase history and customer data. POSIM software has capability in managing multiple stores with the MultiSite. MultiSite is an add on extending the cloud storage power and reporting across various locations that gives managers and owners the ability in overseeing store activity, sales and data anywhere.

Since it is a PoS software, it allows managers to manager all aspects of store operation from eCommerce site management up to inventory management. It is a cross platform system that is compatible with mobile devices.


  • eCommerce solutions: The company work hard in simplifying selling online. They have integrated point of sale system allowing retailers to track inventory, both in-store and online from a single interface.
  • Mobile PoS: Users can connect their POSIM database to their iOS devices in controlling inventory and processing sales from anywhere they are. Retailers completely benefit with it because of its ability to perform sales and track items.
  • Multi-site reporting: The PoS system is perfect solution for multiple and single owner store environment.
  • Payment processing: With it, it has integrated credit card processing.
  • Sell, redeem and track gift cards: Retailers can focus to enhance their brand awareness and increase their sales.
  • Integrated email marketing: Users can build messaging for the purpose of customers’ purchases. It also increases their communication and sales simultaneously.

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Additional features:

  • Buy X, get Y pricing
  • Bar code scanning
  • Layaways and quotes
  • Special orders
  • Shipping

Pros and Cons of POSIM


  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Bar code scanning
  • Numerous reporting


  • Not applicable on other mobile devices

When to Use POSIM

Anytime you want and anywhere you are, you can use the software in meeting your needs. If you want to increase your sales, then the PoS POSIM will be your help. It is perfect for single and multiple owners. If you are looking for a software with various integrations, the POSIM is what you need.

POSIM is a good choice for your business because it has a point of system solution that you need. There are many businesses that are using the system and you can also try to know what it has that others do not have. It is an effective software online that you definitely need to check.

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