Powertrak Review


Powertrak is one of the best sales forecasting tools you can choose. If you want to know more information about it, reading this page is important. It will give an overview on what you should know about the system.

Information about the Company

Powertrak is collection of industry specific and robust software enhancements. This award winning solution delivers best tools to partners and customers in environment requiring multi-level relationship tracking quote to order processing, web self-service and others.

It also a powerful CRM extension that gives member driven association, high tech companies as well as other companies the best solutions in order to speed up their customer interactions in getting rid of paperwork and to make sure to have better relationships.

Tools, Features and Description of Powertrak

Demand planning and forecasting: the software was designed in order to handle complex revenue forecasting for financial, manufacturing and sales groups. Powertrak product and sales forecasting streamline operations is great to eliminate messy spreadsheet. In addition, if it is coupled with Powertrak CPQ, Design Win or Product Configurator, the module becomes powerful global solution.

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With the software, you can view instantly and quickly your updated versions. You can also start out with a high-level forecast. There are reports you get that show the real time progress. With the dimensional data grid feature of the system, it has added flexibility. The good thing is that it is equipped that give responsive, intuitive and fast interface for forecast data entry.

Powertrak Forecasting helps you with:

  • Creating numerous forecast versions as well as motivate sales division at the same time keeping financial plans conservative
  • Bring divisions and partners in over the web without filling out spreadsheets
  • Easily set up extended dimension fields
  • Multichannel: Outside and inside sales teams can use the forecasting software anywhere and anytime they want.
  • Multiple forecasting capabilities: It offers unlimited forecast versions giving chance to users in keeping sales, product and financial versions to motivate and manage.
  • Detail down to product and account: Users can drill through territories down to each account as well as product SKU level.
  • Definable dimensions and calendar: Users can add visual cues like zip codes, cities, product types and others in making forecast easy. With it, users can set up flexible periods in simple web based administration tool.
  • Web based handles any channel: Users can secure filtering, which means inside staff and partners can update numbers anywhere with no or little training.
  • Goal tracking: Users have the chance to analyze Microsoft Dynamics CRM opportunities management system in tracking progress.
  • Grid functionality: Users can flip axes of grid as well as edit the data in-line.
  • Multi-currency: The software was designed in supporting numerous currencies as well as EU triangulation and full currency.

Pros and Cons of Powertrak


  • Rich capabilities
  • Offers world best Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on modules
  • Easy to use
  • High tech solution
  • Powertrak core modules and functionality


  • No negative review

When to Use Powertrak

You need to use forecasting Powertrak to have an easy task. It is perfect for small and mid-sized business.

Many forecasting programs are available on the internet and one of the good choices is Powertrak. It is easy to use and do not require any training.

Download Powertrak software now!