Pros CPQ Review


If you want to have high profits with the help of CPQ system, then what you need is PROS CPQ. It is one of the popular configure price quote software that you can check out on the internet. It offers superb help to businesses.

Information about the Company

Pros CPQ turns businesses CRM system into profit and revenue. The software automates configure price quote processes for sales team that enables them to easily make solutions designed for every customers.

Tools, Features and Description of Pros CPQ

The software is integrated with PROS data price guidance that will turn the CRM investment of businesses into profit and revenue engine. When it comes to the data science driven guidance of the tool, it gives recommendations for right offer at right price that is based on the customer segmentation, willingness to pay and buying patterns. With the advanced capabilities feature of the software, it allows users to intelligently up-sell and cross-sell. Pros CPQ have great constraints based configuration engine reducing coding as well as improve the ease of use.


  • Sell easier: You can use the tool to maintain and develop product offers that easy to deploy to all channels in just one click.
  • Sell faster: Leverage CPQ to make 100% branded quotes and proposal and to make sure you get the contract signed.
  • Sell smarter: Employ its data drive price guidance in determining who of your customers will pay and who are not.
  • CPQ integrations
  • Support options, which include forum, community, email, phone, webinar and video tutorials
  • Technical support

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Pros and Cons of CPQ


  • Quoting made easier
  • Good support from the team with enhancements and fixes
  • Powerful configuration
  • Awesome pricing tools
  • Handle complex pricing
  • Rule sets
  • Meta-driven mobile app


  • Not so good designer IU

PROS CPQ is software that is designed in enabling sales team to create professional and accurate quotes easily that generate high impact contracts and proposals. The tools combines productivity of configure, price as well as quote with margin and revenue impact of the price optimization that turns users CRM into profit engine.

When to Use Pros CPQ

Configure price and quote system is important for a business. It will be your help to sell and if you still do not have a software that you can rely on, Pros CPQ is a good choice. Since it is loaded with full features, everything you get will give you satisfaction.

It is not easy to find the best CPQ software because all tools online claim that they are the best. If you want to have the best, then you need to make a research, but if you believe that Pros CPQ is a superb tool that is ideal for your business, then you can try it as soon as possible. You will be contented on the offers of the tool because it is proven to be a top-notch tool online. Do not waste your time to know more about Pros CPQ, you can check its site now.

Use Pros CPQ today!